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Benefits Of Digital Business Cards For Marketing Professionals

A digital business card is a new and exciting trend among businesses and marketing professionals. They offer a more convenient and engaging way of conveying not only contact information but also promotional content. Thereby boosting their digital footprint as well as market share in a single go!

These virtual business cards are an upgraded version of traditional business cards. They come with additional features like QR codes that can be linked to your social media accounts, websites, and contact information, making you more accessible at all times to potential clients. 

But how do you create a digital business card? And what does it do? Read on to discover why you should have a digital business card ready to share with your audience.

7 Amazing Benefits Of Digital Business Cards

1.A Digital Business Card Is Easy To Share – share through email or WhatsApp

88% of the printed business cards are disposed of in the first week of being printed out because people are too busy to search a website or save contact information manually. If you don’t want your business card to be forgotten, the solution is simple: make it unique! 

Rather than using a printed card, email your electronic business card to your audience. Some digital cards automatically add you to the recipient’s address book when shared on a smartphone. By doing this, you can make sure that your client will always have your contact data available – and not thrown away in a trash can.

2.It helps You To Expand Your Connections – at business events, meetings, and more!

When you walk into a crowded event full of potential customers and find someone interested in your product and services, one can only imagine the terror when you realize you left your business cards at the office. This slight mistake can cost you a lot and ruin your conversion rates. 

However, digital business cards won’t let you down. Pull it out on your smartphone and ask your audience to scan the QR code so they can access your brand’s website, social media accounts, and contact details in no time. 

3.Can Be Customized To Match Your Brand’s Style – first impression matters!

Most of the digital business card generators make creating a virtual business card and its QR code simple. Solution includes excellent features for creating and managing digital business cards, such as: 

  • Multiple templates for digital business cards
  • Profile contact shortcuts
  • Social media and web links
  • Profile image and background image/video
  • Buttons for Add to Contact, Email, Call, and SMS
  • Range of stickers, logos, shapes, and colors to generate a unique QR code

4.You Can Update Them Anytime You Want – dynamic digital business cards

An electronic business card is dynamic by default, so the next time you lose your mobile or change your office location, you can easily update the details on your business card. All without creating a new one. 

This helps you save time and money from printing cards again for every small change on your business card details. All the while keeping your users updated with the latest trends and information. 

5.Can Store Unlimited Information – all your details in one place

As long as you can add the information neatly, there is no restriction on how much you want to add to your digital business card. It can contain a wealth of information. For instance, if you own a restaurant, you can include a link to Google Maps to help customers find you. You can also fit your menu in a QR code, saving you the cost of printing hundreds of menus. 

6.QR Code Business Cards Can Be Tracked – improve your sales and marketing efforts

Business cards are crucial for attracting new customers and boosting profits, but old-fashioned business cards make it impossible to monitor marketing efforts. However, QR codes are trackable, which means you can determine where specifically the leads come from and gauge your campaign’s effectiveness. 

7.An Eco-Friendly Solution – save more trees

Looking at the office desks of many corporate professionals, you’ll probably find stacks of unused business cards. These cards are just collecting dust, and when they move on to another industry, they will, most likely, be discarded.

Consider the millions of trees that have been knocked down and the other resources that have been depleted to provide tonnes of paper stocks for business cards. We can reduce waste by shifting to digital business cards.

How To Create A Digital Business Card Using QR Code Chimp 

  • Visit the Digital Business Card solution from QRCodeChimp.
  • Fill in the required fields on the Content tab, such as your name, occupation, contact information, social links, and so on.
  • Design your digital business card using the Colors, Font Style, Card Style, and Page Loader options in the Design/Settings tab.
  • Go to the QR Code tab and use the QR shapes, Pre-designed, Stickers, Colors, Shapes, logos, and Decorate Picture options to create a QR code for your digital business card.
  • Finally, click Save & Download, name your Digital Business Card and save it.

Final Thoughts

With these benefits, it’s time to get a digital business card. It’s simple to make, and you can create unique designs that reflect your company as well as your personality. Your creativity is wider than the physical realm when using digital cards.

Better interaction benefits the company and your company’s branding. You’re only one step away from receiving calls, opportunities, and leads. 















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