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Benefits of Co-Working Spaces for Hybrid and Remote Employees 

Hybrid and Remote Employees 

Working from home is the new normal, with research showing that 61% of people who have a workplace outside of home choose to work from home instead of going into the workplace. Remote and hybrid work is very attractive for a number of different reasons, including flexibility and saving time and money by not going into a brick-and-mortar office every day. 

Co-working spaces are increasing in popularity as the number of hybrid and remote employees grows. Co-working spaces are shared office spaces in which remote employees can work collaboratively or individually. In co-working spaces, employees from a number of different companies share an office space, helping businesses save on cost, equipment, and utilities. Co-working spaces are similar to office spaces, but they are more flexible and do not require long-term leases. 

We have talked to hybrid and remote employees to see what some of the biggest benefits of co-working spaces are, and we have compiled them into a list for you today. Keep reading to see the many benefits of co-working spaces. 

Fewer Distractions 

Stephen Skeel is a Co-Founder and Executive Producer with 7 Wonders Cinema, which specializes in full-service branded video strategy, production, and delivery. He loves that co-working spaces are an option for remote employees who want to work somewhere that has fewer distractions than at home. 

“It can be so easy to get distracted when working from home,” he says. “If I’m feeling really scatter-brained and need to get out of the house, my go-to is the local co-working space. I feel so much more focused when I am in that office-like environment of the co-working space. The fact that there are other people around me helps me to stay focused, too, because I won’t want anyone to look over at my laptop screen and see that I’m playing solitaire when I should be working. Co-working spaces keep me away from distractions that could draw my attention elsewhere.” 

Work-Life Balance 

Yuvraj Tuli is a Founder of Compound Banc. As a former remote employee who utilized co-working spaces, he thinks that working at co-working spaces helped him understand the importance of work-life balance. 

“Back when I was a solely work-from-home employee, it was almost impossible for me to shut off my computer and mentally log off for the night. There would always be the voice in the back of my head saying, ‘You can do more.’ This quickly became extremely unhealthy, and it negatively impacted my relationship with my family. I needed to figure out a way to understand that working from home was still work, which meant there had to be a set time when I would stop for the day. That’s when I found coworking spaces. Coworking spaces have completely revitalized my work-life balance and have helped me remember that when I leave the co-working space for the day, that means I am done with work. No more triple checking my inbox at 10 p.m. or having to call a colleague in the middle of family dinner. The co-working spaces I’ve worked at have been game-changers for me.” 


Alex Carroll is a Founder at Caliber Games, which does a catalog of both classic and original game products. Networking is one of the best benefits of co-working spaces according to Carroll. 

“Some of my best networking has happened within co-working spaces. Since several different companies can work out of the same co-working space, I have found that it’s easy to meet people with a skill set that could be beneficial to me in co-working spaces. This is very different from working at home. Networking while working at home is tedious and impersonal, and the extent of networking is sending someone a connection invitation on LinkedIn. If you’re lucky, maybe they’ll respond with a message, but everyone knows that they are automated and impersonal. On the other hand, co-working spaces make it easy to strike up conversations with people from other companies, and typically companies that share a co-working space have somewhat of a similar niche, making networking in co-working spaces very efficient.” 

Reduction in Loneliness

Sara Alshamsi, Chief Operating Officer is a remote employee with Big Heart Toys. She has found that working in co-working spaces has improved her mental health, especially her levels of loneliness. 

“Co-working spaces have been so good for my mental health. I used to get so lonely working from home all the time. It’s nice to know that I have colleagues working alongside me from a distance, but it’s not the same as working in a place with people around you. Being able to work in a co-working space can help remote workers struggling with feelings of loneliness. The opportunity to get out of the house while still having the flexibility of being a remote employee is one of the biggest perks of co-working spaces in my opinion. In co-working spaces, it’s also really easy to make friends with similar professional interests. This is good both professionally and personally. Professionally speaking, you can make great connections that will benefit your work, and personally speaking, it’s nice to have friends in the office.” 


There are numerous benefits of co-working spaces for hybrid and remote employees. Co-working spaces are professional work settings with fewer distractions for employees who work from home. In addition, your work-life balance can be improved by going into a co-working space instead of constantly working from home. This benefits not only you but also those around you. Networking is an additional bonus of co-working spaces, with professionals from several different companies working in the same office space. Co-working spaces can help benefit your mental health by surrounding you with like-minded professionals and reducing feelings of loneliness. 

Research has found that remote and hybrid employees who work out of a co-working space consider themselves to be thriving professionally more so than those who are required to work out of a company office space. If you are a remote or hybrid employee, we hope that this article has convinced you of the many benefits of co-working spaces and that you start to thrive in your work. 

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