Benefits of CISSP Certification in Employability and Career Progression

Career Progression

Becoming a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an option for those who want to take their careers to the next level and attract top employers while commanding market-leading salaries in the process.

The cyber security market is still in its relative infancy, of course, so it is not unusual for professionals who are eligible for this type of training and certification to be unsure if it is the right route for them.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why it makes sense as an option, and what advantages it provides to those who become certified.

Boost your earning abilities

There is no doubt that the main reason most people take a CISSP certification course is to earn more money, either in their current role or with a new employer.

The average CISSP certification salary for professionals with this qualification under their belts varies depending on where you work, but in North America it can lead to typical annual earnings of around $120,000.

This is both a reflection of how valuable this particular certification can be, and also how important the issue of cyber security has become to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Enhance your skills

While it might not seem like it, the skills you’ll acquire as part of CISSP certification will be surprisingly transferable, and do not apply to a specific role.

For example, the typical audience for this type of training can include everyone from system engineers and security auditors to full-blown CIOs. So whatever your future holds and whichever direction you want your career to take, being CISSP certified will open more doors for you without closing any in the process.

Outshine the competition

The IT sector is incredibly competitive, and so if you have the option to give your credentials that extra level of appeal to prospective employers, then you should definitely seize this opportunity.

With a CISSP certification to your name, you will not only be showing organizations you hope to work for that you have the skills to succeed, but also demonstrating to your team that you are not afraid to continue learning and enhancing your abilities even after a few years of experience.

Prepare for all eventualities

The broad range of coverage that the CISSP provides in terms of cyber security means that you will have an understanding of the threats you face, and the means by which your organization can mitigate them.

While this breadth does mean that you don’t necessarily enjoy a lot of depth on any one topic, this is not the point of the program. And of course this further recognizes that cyber security is always changing and evolving, with tactics and tools which were once cutting edge becoming old hat quickly, so a broad skill base is better than an overly focused one.

Build good habits

Training to become certified under the CISSP scheme is not just professionally advantageous for the reasons mentioned so far, but also endows you with an appreciation for why this kind of qualification is not just a positive move in isolation.

Instead you will learn that by always aiming to better yourself and to overcome fresh challenges, rather than resting on your laurels, your entire professional outlook will improve.

Of course there will be a lot of hard work involved in completing this certification process, and it will need to be carried out on top of your other responsibilities at work and at home. But in the long run it will definitely be a worthwhile investment in your own future.

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