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Benefits of Carpet Squares

When you look at most older home construction, you will notice that the common flooring used is a rolled carpet; this has been a very traditional method of covering a floor. Now, interlocking carpet squares have begun to revolutionize carpet installation. In this modern age, we are seeing the traditional rolled carpet being replaced by the convenience of interlocking types of carpets. No longer is it necessary to unroll yards and yards of rolled carpet, now installers, and even the homeowner themselves, can simply place the carpet down piece by piece, kind of like interlocking puzzle pieces. 

Carpet squares are a unique way to decorate your home. They can be used on floors or hallways, and can even transform the look of garages, porches even outdoor decks. You can create your custom carpet simply by using these squares. Carpet squares, however, work well as an area rug, either to accent a design or motif.

Before deciding on a different colored pattern or design, imagine what it would look like first by drawing the pattern on a clean piece of paper. Color or shade the squares exactly like what you have in mind to give you an idea of how the pattern would look laid out on your floor. When you buy the squares, measure your room first from base to base and take the piece of paper with you during your purchase.

Transporting your carpet squares for the basement will be a lot easier than carrying a huge carpet in the back of your car since the squares come in easy-to-transport boxes. This is more convenient especially if you must climb a couple of stairs and don’t want to be burdened with carrying a huge carpet upstairs.

These carpet squares work like tile squares or interlocking laminates and the result is a beautiful carpeted floor that looks much like a floor covered with the traditional rolled carpet. Using carpet squares removes the aggravating task of cutting and measuring that is usually involved with carpet installation. Carpet squares make carpeting your floor faster and easier than you ever imagined.

To clean your squares, just vacuum them the same way you would a regular rug. You may even use a steam cleaner if you want to give them a thorough cleaning. The number one reason for buying carpet squares is that if you spill something on them, you just pick them up and have them cleaned. If you stain them, you just remove the affected squares and have them replaced just as easily.

Carpet squares are convenient to use especially in high-traffic areas like the living room or kitchen since they’re easy to remove and replace. So, be sure to buy several extras just in case you might need them for future use. You don’t know when you might need to replace a damaged square. Or, if you don’t want to spend more, you can just remove the carpet squares under your sofa or couch and use them instead as replacements.

The one thing you look at when comparing carpet squares with traditional carpeting is the overall price. Understandably, carpet squares will cost more than purchasing a large roll; there are several online resources and even local retailers where a consumer can purchase these squares at a considerable discount from the regular price. This remarkable cost savings will reduce the overall cost of installing squares close to the cost of using a traditional rolled carpet.

One thing that helps reduce the cost of purchasing carpet in squares is the fact that the consumer can purchase the exact amount they need based on how many square feet they have calculated. Typically, when purchasing the traditional rolled carpet, the consumer ends up buying far more than they need because of how the roll is sized. 

It is also convenient to have a little extra in case there is a mistake in measuring or laying the carpet. With MATACE carpet squares, it is much easier to narrow down to the exact inches that you will need. This added benefit helps reduce buying more carpet than is necessary, which will leave the homeowner with the added burden of finding a way to store the leftover carpet.

One of the biggest factors to consider is installation. When it comes to installation, builders and homeowners prefer squares over rolls. No more wrestling with a large role of carpeting and trying to get out the bulges and wrinkles, carpet squares allow you to simply interlock the pieces together to create an attractive and uniform floor. 

This is a great benefit in smaller areas, such as closets, where it can often be very difficult to measure, cut, and install traditional carpets. For anyone wishing to have unique flooring, the interlocking carpet square design allows a homeowner to design floor patterns in rooms that traditionally couldn’t be achieved without hiring a professional.

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