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Benefits and Drawbacks of Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro offers live stock trading news to traders that can help them dictate their immediate and future investment moves. With an increase of small accounts into the market within the last few years, these types of financial advice sites are on the rise. They offer insight into potential good trades that otherwise may have gone unnoticed, as well as stocks that probably won’t offer good return.

Benzinga Pro is increasing in popularity amongst traders with good reason. They offer valuable advice and are highly reputable within the finance news industry. Though with all good services, there are always a few drawbacks. Here we’ll discuss all of the pros and cons that Benzinga Pro has to offer.

Benefits of Benzinga Pro

One of the things that puts Benzinga Pro above other competitors is how fast their news is distributed. Thanks to the real-time squawk box, traders are able to learn about exclusive stories and other valuable information as it happens, rather than waiting for it to trickle down into other news outlets. These audio alerts will inform you of basic numbers, allowing you to get the most direct information in the shortest amount of time.

In addition to the squawk box, Benzinga Pro also offers daily newsletters that can keep you updated on the current market before it opens, at midday and after it closes. They offer a variety of different newsletters that you can choose to receive based on what fits your needs the most. One of the most popular is the analyst rating newsletter, which provides major rating changes from highly reputable analysts.

Stock screening is essential to almost all successful traders. Benzinga Pro’s stock screener is daily simple, but it allows easy findings of how breaking news stories are impacting different companies. This tool can help you decide what moves to make within the market and when to make them.

The corporate calendar is another beloved tool of Benzinga Pro amongst traders. This tool allows for easy organization of upcoming events and announcements of companies that you are interested in. By doing so, you can easily keep track of when to expect stock value changes based on breaking news specific to the company. Some of the events the calendar keeps track of are earnings announcements, analyst ratings, dividend payouts, stock splits and SEC filings.

Another major benefit of using Benzinga Pro as an investor is their dedicated news team that allows them to access stories faster than other sites. Instead of waiting to share information that has been published by other sites first, they stay up to date with any breaking stories taking place within the market. You can customize which ones you want to receive, making them front and center on your personalized news feed.

The final aspect of Benzinga Pro that traders appreciate is its price point. Compared to other services Benzinga Pro is not overly pricey, costing $99-$249 per month. It is a valuable tool that will not cost an abundance of funds to obtain. Their different pricing options create valuable and reasonable options when it comes to using this service.

Drawbacks of Benzinga Pro

There is no such thing as a perfect financial news provider. While this service has a lot of upside, there are a few things that could be changed to offer a better service. One of these is the squawk box not being available at all times. This service does not offer coverage at all hours of the day, meaning there may be some alerts investors miss out on. Allowing squawk box coverage nonstop would benefit traders and their upcoming decisions by keeping them up-to-date on anything that happens, even outside of regular trading hours.

Another drawback of Benzinga Pro is that it is primarily focused on the North American market. Because of this, traders in other countries that are not focused on this market may not find it as useful. This aspect keeps Benzinga Pro somewhat closed off to diverse traders who are in different markets than North America.

Charting is an essential part of technical analysis that is used daily by a high number of traders. Unfortunately this is one thing that Benzinga Pro lacks, being a major drawback of this service. If they were to add charts that allow powerful technical analysis, their service would be much more beneficial to traders and investors.

Wrapping Up

Benzinga Pro is a popular service amongst traders that has increased in users greatly since its debut in 2010. Benzinga is a highly reputable financial news outlet that helps traders stay up to date on market news and screen stocks they are keeping on their watchlist. Benzinga Pro has a variety of valuable tools that can greatly help any investor and their success rate.

While this service does have a few drawbacks, the pros generally outweigh the cons. If you think this service may be valuable in your trading career, consider utilizing their 14 day free trial to see if this is the platform for you.

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