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Ben Walker Launches Ditto Transcripts and Brings Us Transcribing the Human Way

In today’s ever-growing digital world, it’s easy to forget the importance of the human touch. But when it comes to transcription, there’s simply no substitute for a real person.

That’s why Ben Walker founded Ditto Transcripts, a nationwide transcription service that uses only human transcriptionists based in Denver, Colorado. Formerly Transcription Outsourcing, the Ditto brand is new, but the company has been around for 12 years.

“I started Ditto Transcripts because I believe that transcription should be done by humans, not by machines,” said Walker. “Transcription is an important part of communication, and it should be done accurately and with the care of the human brain.”

Ditto Transcripts utilizes US-based human transcriptionists for all their work, allowing for a 99% accuracy rate.

Unlike AI and questionable software, Ditto’s human transcriptionists have better intuition and sensibilities. Moreover, they have that ear for accents, dialects, and the parade of nonstop umms and uhs that they indubitably come across.

Ditto’s transcriptionists also don’t need to be “trained” as the software will. Instead, they come into the work knowing how to do it and have a wealth of experience in multiple industries that can apply to any type of audio or video recording.

This is not something that can be said for software, which is often limited by its algorithms. Even the best voice recognition software still has trouble with industry jargon, technical terms, and words that are not in its dictionary. As a result, voice recognition software is limited by what it can recognize and often makes mistakes.

Ditto’s human transcriptionists can also do things that voice recognition software can’t. For example, they can provide context for what is being said and identify speakers. This is important when transcribing court proceedings or meetings with multiple speakers.

Ditto’s team of experts specializes in industries like Legal, Law Enforcement, Education, Business, and Health Care. In addition, Ditto offers dedicated point people who can also provide you with time stamps and captions for your video footage so that we capture everything without missing a single important detail!

Narrowing down the focus of the client’s specific industry gives Ditto’s human approach an edge over all the machine learning and voice recognition software. However, errors with transcriptions can be costly, so it is crucial to get it right the first time!

“We’re excited to bring transcribing the human way to businesses and government agencies that demand an accurate, high-quality product. We know how to best service them because we’ve been there and experienced it firsthand!” said Walker.

We asked Ben for a final thought. Here is what he left us with, “machines should stick to washing underwear or making toast. Let human professionals handle the transcription.”

Discussing transcribing the human way with Ben Walker, Founder, and CEO of Ditto Transcription, was an enriching conversation. If you want to contact Ben Walker, he can be reached at:

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