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Behind The Scenes Of Craig Cobb’s Partnership With Danny De Hek

The rise of misinformation and conspiracy theories has been a major issue in the digital age, with false narratives being spread across social media platforms. This is further compounded by the presence of white supremacists who use these channels to propagate their dangerous views.

One such example is Craig Cobb, whose partnership with Danny De Hek on Telegram groups has raised alarm bells among members due to his suspicious claims and white supremacist ideology.

Introducing Craig Cobb and Danny De Hek

In order to clarify the situation, it is important to understand who Craig Cobb and Danny De Hek are. Paul Craig Cobb is a white nationalist and white supremacist who created the video-sharing website Podblanc. Danny De Hek is an entrepreneur known as “the Crypto Ponzi Scheme avenger” due to a NY Times article about him exposing and suing fraudulent crypto schemes.

Under the name “Maximus Truth,” Craig Cobb has been sharing a story about his experiences investing money in various crypto projects, such as Apollo, with the ridiculous conclusion that Stephen McCullah “wrecked” his retirement fund.

How Did Craig Cobb Join the Telegram Group with Danny De Hek

These two characters, Cobb and De Hek, have been spotted in various Telegram groups. It seems that attacking Stephen McCullagh’s legitimate businesses is enough for these two persons to team up. Their interactions in the group have raised concerns about Craig Cobb’s ideologies, as well as his knowledge of topics related to finance and cryptocurrency.

Cobb has attempted to contact US authorities with absurd claims about Stephen McCullah and has invited people on De Hek’s Telegram group to do the same. In addition, Cobb has requested an online “for entertainment purposes only” psychological evaluation of McCullah and has spread false information about the lawyer Natalie Zaher.

Cobb found a good playground in De Hek’s group, as the latter appears to be more than happy to let Cobb spread lies and manipulate people. This is not surprising, as De Hek has famously posted voice notes making fun of Steve McCullah and telling stories about him that are not only false but also insulting.

Was Craig Cobb given access to De Hek’s Telegram group by Danny in order to spread lies and manipulate people for his own gain? This is hard to tell, but what is known for sure is that the two have teamed up and are working together to spread false information about Stephen McCullah.

Response from Members of the Telegram Group to Cobb’s Posts

De Hek’s community is not happy with Cobb’s presence. Many members have reported him to Telegram admins, and some have publicly denounced his tactics. “Crazy,” “on acid,” and more are just some of the words used to describe Cobb’s actions and posts.

Most members feel that Cobb is manipulating them for his own gain, and they are particularly wary of any interaction with him as he has proven to be untrustworthy. Not only is Cobb spreading false information, but he also appears to be going out of his way to insult Stephen McCullah.

It’s clear that Cobb is not welcome in the Telegram group, and the members are wary of his presence. In addition, they are concerned about the damaging effects he could have on their community if he were allowed to stay.

The Dangerous Implications of Craig Cobb’s Unsubstantiated Claims on De Hek’s Channels

Craig Cobb’s presence in De Hek’s channels should not be taken lightly. His unsubstantiated claims and attempts to manipulate members of the group could have serious consequences for both De Hek and McCullah. If left unchecked, Cobb’s activities could lead to legal action against him as well as members of the Telegram group, potentially resulting in costly fines or even criminal prosecution.

In addition, Cobb’s presence could damage the reputation of both De Hek and McCullah, making it difficult for them to operate in their respective fields. The risk of Cobb’s actions leading to reputational damage is real, and people should be aware of the potential consequences before interacting with him online.

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