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Behind the Launch of Beijing Times: A Look at Cedrus Media’s Expanding Empire

As media conglomerates continue to dominate headlines, there are some whose influence is both extensive and quietly powerful. One such entity is Cedrus Media, a media titan whose footprint is seemingly everywhere but whose operations remain tantalizingly low-key.

Media, Broadcasting, PR: The Golden Triangle

“Cedrus Media is not just broadcasting information—we’re creating influential voices,” the company states. On the surface, this may appear as another corporate slogan, but a closer look reveals it as the cornerstone of a media empire that’s reshaping storytelling and audience engagement. The platform exemplifies this, allowing a staggering number of press releases to reach over 3,000 news sites.

A Sprawling Web of Influence

Cedrus Media’s influence extends well beyond news outlets. Their portfolio of over 1,000 domain names, 50 of which are premium dot com domains, indicates a far-reaching web that taps into multiple industries. What’s more, they’re leveraging AI and machine learning to fuel startups through their in-development platform, StartupsCapital.

The Enigmatic Leader

While poring over industry reports and accolades, one name caught our attention: Georgio Daher. A 2018 BBC Arabia interview referred to him as a “celebrities maker,” highlighting the depth of influence he—and by extension, Cedrus Media—holds over public and celebrity perception. Intriguingly, Daher seems to live a life dispersed between Paris and London, a lifestyle that mirrors the global reach of Cedrus Media.

Whispered Partnerships

Though the company hasn’t publicly confirmed, insiders have murmured about potential high-profile partnerships with names like the Associated Press and Yahoo. These rumored collaborations, if true, could be the hidden gears turning the Cedrus Media machine.

From Celebrities to Government Institutions

Cedrus Media’s undisclosed operations aren’t limited to the media sector. The company has an impressive track record of collaborations stretching from the Arab Gulf to Europe and the United States, involving both celebrities and governmental institutions. In a testament to his reach, Georgio Daher has even collaborated directly with an ex-boyfriend of one of the Kardashians, and boasts a client list that includes tens of individuals with 20 million or more social media followers.

What’s Next?

The recent launch of Beijing Times offers a glimpse into the future ambitions of Cedrus Media. With journalists across the globe, this initiative underscores their commitment to impartial and comprehensive journalism, a commitment that is also seen in their other outlets like and

While it’s still early days for Beijing Times, its potential success could place it among the ranks of major global news organizations, making it a significant asset in the media landscape. This represents a calculated, high-stakes bet on the part of Cedrus Media. Adding to its value, the domain name ‘’ alone could be worth millions, given its specificity and recognition potential.

Final Observations

While Cedrus Media may prefer to pull the strings from behind the curtain, our investigation suggests a media empire steered by visionary hands. Their strategy of diversification and quiet mastery is a testament to sophisticated leadership, with individuals like Georgio Daher contributing to its transformative power.

In a world where media companies often become the story, Cedrus Media has managed to both shape and elude the narrative. However, as we’ve unearthed here, there’s more to this media giant than meets the eye, and it’s only a matter of time before their full impact is recognized and appreciated.

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