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Beginner’s Guide to Luvme Hair Full Lace Wigs

Beginner’s Guide to Luvme Hair Full Lace Wigs

Welcome, dear reader, to our Luvme Hair feature. As you dive deeper into this article, you’ll uncover more information about our products. Plus, we’ve included some exclusive Luvme Hair coupon codes to make your shopping experience even better.

Lace wigs are very popular, and everyone has their reason for choosing to wear these wig types. It can be because of their styling convenience or a need to experience hair texture different from your natural hair. On the other hand, many opt for these wig types because they offer a more natural appearance than other wigs.

Irrespective of your reason, there are different lace wigs to try out, full lace, lace front, and closure lace wigs. The most versatile is the full lace wig; it offers more styling options and is also natural. Many women prefer full lace wigs because of their amazing features. If you are new to wigs, this is a comprehensive guide about important things to know about full lace wigs.

What are Full Lace Wigs?

Full lace wigs are wig types with a complete lace base. These wigs only feature one lace hat capable of covering the head simultaneously. It might look a bit complicated if it’s your first time with a wig since you have to wear the cap to cover your entire head.

However, with this little complication comes a lot of benefits. Unlike any other wig, full lace wigs offer options to try different hairstyles. As the wearer, you can part the hair in different directions. Due to its versatility, it tends to be more expensive than other types of wigs.

How to Properly Take Care of a Full Lace Wig

Avoid Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

This is the same for all wigs; exposure to extreme temperature over time cause dryness and also damage your hair ends. Therefore, if you wear your wig, limit exposure to extreme heat. Stay away from heat vents, fire, and any source of heat that can have a damaging effect on your wig.

Don’t Wash Repeatedly

While washing your wig, ensure you don’t overwash it to keep it in good shape. Generally, you can wash the wig once a week or two to prevent a gradual build-up of residue from hair products. In addition, after each wash, it is recommended to air dry, so don’t blow dry or use any hot tool.


Once you are done washing the wig, the next thing is brushing the wig. Only use combs specially made for wigs and not the regular plastic comb. This is because wig brushes have soft bristles that are not always as long as the regular ones, keeping your hair safe.

In addition, a detangling brush or wig brush is gentler on the hair and goes through the hair smoothly without much pressure.

Use Sulfates or Silicones Free Products

Avoid applying any hair products containing silicones or sulfate; this is because both can damage your wig. They are harsh chemicals and can alter the structure of your full lace wig. While you might come across many products with these chemicals, ensure you read the label properly to make the right choice. Shampoos and conditioners with these chemicals will harm your hair more than good.


How you store your wig will also determine how long it will last. Once you are done wearing your wig, remove it gently without folding or carelessly throwing it around. Also, remember to detangle your wig thoroughly if you don’t plan to wear it for a long time. This will save you the stress of detangling or dealing with messy hair next time you need it.

Benefits of Luvme Hair Full Lace Wigs

Natural Look

This has to be the biggest perk of buying a full lace wig. One of the things wearers worry about is people noticing them wearing a wig. A full lace wig will help you overcome this problem; it offers versatile styling that allows you to part in different directions.

In addition, the hair is attached to a lace cap; therefore, it appears as if it is growing from your scalp. So you don’t have to worry about your hair looking unnatural.


Generally, traditional wigs are weighty and feel more burdensome and, therefore, might be discomforting. However, since these wigs feature lace caps and 100% human hair, they are comfortable wigs that can be worn daily. Besides, professionals made the hand-tied construction using high-quality material, so it will still look natural in a ponytail.

More Styling Options

As mentioned earlier, full lace wigs offer more styling opportunities than any lace wig, frontal lace wig, or closure lace wig. For example, you must be careful while parting lace front wigs so they do not appear unnatural. But full lace wigs cover every part of your head, so they can be styled in any direction.

You will look more confident wearing this wig than any other wig type since you can style it like your natural hair.

Differences Between A Lace Front and a Full Lace Wig


Full lace wigs are sewn on an undetectable lace foundation, allowing more styling options. Also, compared to the lace front, the base is lighter, but all these come at a higher price. All these features make the lace front wig less expensive than the full lace wig.

Wig cap

Full lace wigs feature wig caps that allow more air into your scalp since they are made of lace. However, if you are uncomfortable using a wig cap, you can opt for lace front wigs. You can wear them without a wig cap; they are natural-looking and comfortable.


Lace front wigs are easier to apply than full lace wigs, especially for beginners. Lace frontals wigs require less styling than full lace wigs, which need more time and effort and might be overwhelming for a beginner.

Buy the Best Full Lace Wigs at Luvme Hair

The quality of your full lace wigs is important in determining whether it will last long. To completely enjoy the advantages of full lace wigs, you must be sure you are buying the right one. Many full lace wigs are available for sale; however, buying from the correct store will ensure you get the right one. One such store is Luvmehair; you can access different full lace wigs with unparalleled quality.

To Sum Up

Although full lace wigs might seem expensive, it holds greater value when compared to other wig types. You only need to follow the proper maintenance procedure to preserve the wig. And we have discussed that in this article along with the benefits of buying a full lace wig.

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