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BEFE Coin’s Triumph: The $100 to $300K Story

While many crypto enthusiasts believe the meme coin bubble has finally burst and is moving on, other crypto investors are discovering the goldmine hidden in BEFE. If you need to learn about this new meme coin rewriting the story in the meme coin market, join us here; let’s take a walk together. 

The BEFE coin has been climbing impressively and clearing all the clusters for the past few weeks. This has been done with the support of its over 40,000 Twitter community members and more than twenty thousand other members on its telegram page. The strategy has been simple: leveraging the power of community support and ensuring the community continues to expand.

If you need to better understand the strategy BEFE has been leveraging, let’s discuss how it has grown in the past weeks in more detail.

Connecting To Bigger Names To Become A Bigger Name

Let’s start with BEFE’s connection to Bitgert, a coin that is getting realigned as the coin of the future. The Bitgert coin has a couple of features that make it the coin of the future. To mention a few of these features, let’s talk about its innovation in transaction speed and gas fee payment on transactions.

Unlike most other crypto assets in the market today, while the others struggle to complete barely 10,000 TPS, the Bitgert coin is blazing with over 100,000 TPS. That’s not a typo; Bitgert can complete over 100,000 transactions in just a second. BEFE is leveraging this speed and the zero gas fee on every one of its transactions.

Even more interesting is how BEFE is resting on a giant’s shoulder. You can now earn the BEFE coin by staking your Bitgert coin. However, with the current growth rate of the Bitgert coin, BEFE could be the most popular meme coin in the next few months. 

Reaching More Users By Growing the Community Larger and Joining More Exchanges

The community has been expanding impressively since the end of the Bitcoin halving. This is due to the continuous effort of the team to keep engaging the community across networks with memes that see it wearing the crown as the “king of meme coins.” However, community growth has not been the only target of the BEFE coin team. There has been an expanding network of exchanges where the BEFE coin can now be traded.

With this growth plan and focus on reaching More Users, BEFE coin is beginning to wear the look of a utility token ready for a bull run. 

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