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BeeRemote Workspace Provider Lets Employees Have Their Home Office – and Leave it, Too

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If you are an employee working remotely or hybrid, you have more than likely by now experienced the advantages of more flexibility in your job.

The benefits of off-site work can include the elimination of a hectic commute to the office, a decrease in spending for things like transportation and daycare, and the ability to ditch the starchy suit for more comfortable home-office attire.

But if you are also noticing a disconnect from your organization or isolation from your colleagues, you are not alone. In fact, in a 2022 survey, 24 percent of respondents say that loneliness has become a challenge in their remote-work atmosphere and 17 percent of those polled report they have difficulties collaborating with coworkers.

Gabriel Nimrod, cofounder of BeeRemote, a startup company that offers thousands of physical office spaces for remote workers in more than 1,000 cities all over the world, said he and his team recognized a need to support telecommuters who were experiencing disengagement.

“Many people are finding their dream job because technology now allows companies, especially start-ups, to source the most qualified candidates no matter where they live in the world. As a result, many employees are working sometimes thousands of miles away from company headquarters,” Nimrod noted. “While remote and hybrid models are part of a society shift that our team feels is advantageous on a global scale, we also want to address the challenges that come along with that structure.”

The BeeRemote platform offers office or workspaces that company leaders can secure on an as-needed basis. Employees from companies who partner with the platform can request the use of the spaces to meet and collaborate with other coworkers who live nearby or perhaps schedule meetings with clients in a secure location.

The platform also caters to employees who are working to achieve a healthy work-life balance. A local office can help separate work and home when needed. Nimrod mentioned that he often reminds remote employees that they can have their home office, and leave it, too.

“A fully remote or hybrid structure brings along many benefits. At the same time, we know you as an off-site worker want to feel like you are part of team, engaged in your company culture and have all the resources at your disposal to flourish in your position. And we know you want to have all of that without sacrificing the perks of a telecommuting model,” Nimrod tells them. “You should be able to have both, and BeeRemote solves those issues of isolation and loneliness that come along with remote work.”

Nimrod continued that his company fosters an atmosphere where remote and hybrid employees can feel comfortable about expressing their needs with their employers and suggest solutions, like the implementation of BeeRemote, for their organizations.

“That transparency will lead to a happier, heathier workforce that strives together to drive innovation and create the most optimal working conditions that will ultimately benefit both employees and the employer,” he said.

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BeeRemote offers a revolutionary new perk to retain top talent while ensuring employees are properly equipped with the resources needed to complete their work.

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