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Becoming A Top Selling Author & International Speaker With Stephen Scoggins!

Stephen Scoggins

Stephen Scoggins is a multi-millionaire who runs a nine-figure business and is an award-winning entrepreneur who regularly motivates rooms and arenas, helping people unlock the greatness already within them. It has taken him over 43 years of ups and downs to figure out that everything is an inside job when it comes to success.

Being born and raised in a broken home got Stephen onto a rough start in life. However, he pulled his weight when it was necessary to do so and persevered. That meant making decisions like dropping out of high school and being the main provider for his family, which included his brother and father at the time. As he entered his adult years, Stephen found himself repeating unhealthy and limiting patterns that attracted toxic relationships and unfulfilling jobs. Even joining the military was a dream that was destroyed for him. At his lowest, he was homeless and grappling with depression, fear, and anxiety.

It took getting down to rock-bottom for him to have a divine realization that he could be aware of and pay attention to. He received the understanding that whatever you are going through, no matter how challenging it may be, will pass, and what will come next will be greater.

This divine inspiration that was meant for him was a message that changed the course of his life from that point forward. It would be the point that would mark a fork in the road, where he would take the path that led to him embodying his true greatness.

Essentially living out of a borrowed car, Stephen started a new business called Custom Home Exteriors. This is the same business that is now bringing in nine figures a year and spans several states, employing hundreds of people. After successfully establishing this company, Stephen went on to found two more.

Today, Stephen Scoggins is a top-selling author and speaker who delivers a heart-based message that he shares to help as many people as possible. Part of his mission was the founding of the Journey Principles Institute, which is wholly dedicated to helping people overcome all challenges in life, no matter what they are, and unlock their passion and purpose.

Going on the international speaking circuit to deliver his message and motivational advice to thousands of people has been something Stephen has been tremendously grateful to be able to do. He wants to help as many people as he can to overcome any obstacles on their path. Given how devastating the pandemic has been for millions of people, Stephen knows there are many hurting right now. He hopes that his message and life story can serve as a catalyst for inner change that leads to fulfillment, abundance, and success.

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