Become an Artist with 5D Diamond Painting Kits

5D Diamond Painting

5D Diamond Paintings are works of art made from diamond paints with special effects. The extraordinary impact that the finished artwork conveys is very realistic.
So, with the help of the 5D diamond painting kits, you’ll be able to create unique portraits in no time!

What is a 5D Diamond Painting?

5D paints stand for 5dimensional paints. In this case, the resins are used to create a 5D paint. The 5D resins have five facets on each side, giving it a more sparkling effect than the 3D paints.

The 5d diamond painting kits are different from the 3D kits. The 5D Diamond Painting Kit includes everything you need to paint beautiful pictures that will last forever. This set has five pieces: Prepainted canvas, tweezers, 5D resins, a diamond applicator tool, and adhesive wax.

How does 5D Diamond Painting Work?

The 5D diamond paint is very much like the 3D.
Start by slowly peeling the protective film on the canvas. The project will be finished when all the crystals have been applied successfully on the canvas. Below are the steps involved in creating this 5D art.

  1. Check the comparison table on the canvas to identify each diamond number that corresponds to a printed area on the canvas
  2. Fill the pen with glue and put the diamonds into place.
  3. Use the pen head to stick multiple diamonds onto the canvas
  4. Partially tear the film on your canvas and stick the diamond to the canvas according to the corresponding number
  5. You can use your tweezers to stick more diamonds in place. You can easily clip three diamonds.
  6. After you are done with these steps, slightly press down the diamonds with your hands or a book to keep them firmly attached.

Helpful Tips

  1.  The canvas usually comes with a covering. Never remove the film at once! Because the canvas’ surface is sticky, removing the protective layer exposes it to dust, which could cause it to dry up and lose its adhesion.
  2. Lift your painting as you work on it, a bit at a time, starting at the bottom and working your way up. 
  3. If you must stop working, don’t forget to cover it with the film again.
  4. Finishing small sections of the same color while moving across the canvas helps complete the painting quicker. 
  5. Start with sections with the same color. After you complete each section, move to a different area next to the completed one. This advice works for both right-handed and left-handed people.
  6. If you are left-handed, you can start painting from either the top-right or bottom-left corner of the canvas. This way, your arms are not touching the drills just placed.
  7. If you are left-handed, starting the work from the top-right corner allows you to comfortably peel back the plastic cover over the canvas as you work.

Final Thoughts

The 5D diamond painting comes in different colors and shapes. You may decide to get or make a landscape, an animal, flowers, or any other portrait. You may choose to get a custom diamond painting kit from photo.

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