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Become a Member of WEWE Global and Access Its Cloud Minting Program!

WEWE Global is a cutting-edge multi-service platform that provides a wide range of crypto-focused products and services to global users. It operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where the community members suggest and vote on platform developments to govern its operations.

Empowering Digital Entrepreneurs Through the Referral Program

One of the standout features of WEWE Global is its Referral Program, which empowers users to become Independent WEWE Associates (IWA) and establish their own business. By participating in the program, IWAs can earn attractive rewards through bonus plans and access a promising career path. The Referral Program utilizes referral marketing, a powerful business tactic that capitalizes on trust to promote products and services.In order to become an Independent WEWE Associate (IWA) and join the WEWE Global community, a user must obtain a referral code from a mentor who guides them on their digital entrepreneurship journey. The sponsor equips users with the necessary tools, skills, and expertise to thrive in their business endeavors.

The Cloud Minting program is one of the services that garners the most attention from users in comparison to other products.

How Does Cloud Minting Program Work?

Developed in collaboration with WEWE Global’s partner company, the Cloud Minting Program is a service that allows users to rent hardware and mint tokens. With the help of cloud technology, participants can now commence minting cryptocurrencies by renting hardware for a specified duration. This innovative program offers users an efficient and hassle-free approach to cryptocurrency minting.

Minting is a type of cryptocurrency mining that employs the proof-of-space protocol to create new tokens. This process involves transferring tokens from the overall supply to the circulating supply.

Typically, to start minting, it requires specialized hardware with substantial hard disk space and computing power. This hardware is not commonly available on standard personal computers or laptops.

However, with the Cloud Minting Program offered by WEWE Global, members can rent dedicated hardware by selecting a package, which promptly starts minting tokens. This program offers a secure and trouble-free approach to minting tokens.

Join WEWE Global Now! 

Each of the products and services offered by WEWE Global, such as Cryptobulls, SmartStake, and Travel4You, are from the platform’s partner companies and can operate independently. However, as a member of the WEWE Global community, you can avail yourself of special discounts and benefits.

Exclusive benefits accessible only to WEWE Global community members include discounts on WEWE Global services, the ability to use WEWE tokens for partial payments, transaction fees that directly benefit the community, and a referral program where you can earn commissions on purchases. Users can enhance their WEWE Global experience by accessing these benefits, which simultaneously contribute to the growth and success of the community.

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