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Become a Jedi: How Substrata Takes Selling To The Next Level

Being at the frontiers of in-depth analysis and business operations, SubStrata emerges as the first and only enterprise to analyze covert power dynamics in the circumstances involving negotiations, sales, and dealmaking between the two parties involved in the transaction.  SubStrata does this by performing an in-depth examination of non-verbal social cues, which are often communicated via one’s body language, voice, and several other covert signs.

Uncovering the Technological Dynamics of SubStrata

Overall, the data-driven and AI-powered technology that SubStrata has developed is intended to significantly outperform the current transcript-dependent conversation intelligence platforms in predicting sales’ success. This will assist B2B dealmakers in improving their real-world results in real-time. 

SubStrata leverages Social Signal Processing (SSP), an intriguing new discipline encompassing computer science, social science, and behavioral psychology that uncovers the human nonverbal communication tendencies by employing deep models trained on huge volumes of multimodal data.

In this pursuit, data based on textual exchanges are analyzed alongside data based on textual paralanguage (pragmatic analysis). In addition to this, there is a Dedicated context engine that gathers and interprets publically accessible exo-interaction data, as well as an Innovative Textless NLP architecture that is used to interpret vocalic social signals in raw audio (prosodic elements). In the future, the game-changing invention of multimodal integration of numerous nonverbal channels will be put into practice.

One highly anticipated feature that will be implemented soon is referred to as Carbon Logic, a novel approach to the analysis of interaction data that aims to expose the underlying hierarchical structure in small groups.

Innovative E-mail Intelligence for Businesses

Helping sales professionals or entrepreneurs with their text-based communications, Substrata functions as the integration into communications platforms such as GSuite, Zoom, or Teams. Substrata’s primary use case is in the business world. 

Everything from your punctuation to your capitalization to the speed with which you respond is tracked and then optimized to help you maintain the upper hand in your negotiating strategies. With SubStrata, businesses might recognize subtle purchasing indications in real-time, capitalize on the correct times, and close purchases in 30.2% less time using this time-saving strategy.

Furthermore, Q by Substrata offers one breakthrough e-mail intelligence solution for business-to-business sales, as Q “reads between the lines” to assess where each prospect stands and advises users on the best next steps to take to maximize their chances of winning the transaction. So far, Q was trained on millions of data points and can able to analyze a large amount of information.


New communication technology tools are propelling the sales industry forward by providing an extensive range of real-time linguistic and body language analysis options. Linguistic and paralinguistic analyses are having a significant impact on business practices, and they are redefining what was long considered to be an unyielding realm.

By performing real-time analysis of intricate transactional dynamics, Substrata propels sales technology to new heights. Learn more about SubStrata by accessing their digital channels:


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