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BeatBuds X1 Reviews – High-End True Wireless Earbuds

What are BeatBuds X1 Earbuds?

Wireless in-ear earphones are currently all the rage. This is evident in the rapidly growing number of products that have established themselves as alternatives to headphones from well-known manufacturers such as Apple. One of these products is the BeatBuds X1 headphones. Via Bluetooth, these in-ear earphones can be connected to devices such as:

  • mobile phones
  • tablets
  • laptops or
  • game consoles

The manufacturer promises uncomplicated use with all iOS or Android mobile devices. This product also focuses on the fact that the two earphones do not need to be connected through a cable. The existing technology creates stereo sound, ensuring that the sounds arrive simultaneously on the left and right headphones. You can read more helpful information before buying the BeatBuds X1 in the following product description. (Because of the extensive research, the author has allowed himself to use affiliate links. This means that the author receives a small commission when the product is sold without the price changing for you).

Why do I need these headphones?

Determining the target group for in-ear headphones is no longer as easy as a few years ago. At those times, primarily younger generations had an interest in using headphones. In the meantime, people who can be counted among the target group can be found in all age groups. The first target group consists of people who want to use in-ear earphones primarily for telephone conversations. In many cases, these people do not want the caller’s conversation content to be overheard by bystanders. With wireless in-ear headphones, these words should be for your ears only.

A second target group consists of sporty, active buyers of the BeatBuds X1. The wireless earphones do not tangle in clothing or on sports equipment. This way, it is not only possible to listen to music while exercising but also to reduce the risk of injury at the same time. Compared to headsets and other on-ear headphones, these earphones are easier to accept for people prone to headaches or migraines. The BeatBuds X1 put slight pressure on the ears, so headaches are not exacerbated. The Bluetooth-connected devices also make it easy to change the volume of the sounds on these headphones at any time.

Based on the advantages mentioned above of this product, it is also clear that the BeatBuds X1 can also be used in the workplace. Using the speakers of computers and laptops can quickly contribute to loud background noise in an open-plan office. With headphones in your ears, you can refocus on the task at hand and be less distracted soon by the sounds of your colleagues. Visit the product website here to find the discounted prices!

BeatBuds X1 review and recommendation

For an adequate assessment of the BeatBuds X1, it is appropriate to consider several features. Combining these technical details and other features makes it possible to arrive at a fair recommendation for this product. The evaluation criteria applied are as follows:

  • Wearing comfort:The comfort of products like the BeatBuds X1 depends on several factors. First, the design and shape of the earphones determine how well the in-ears adapt to the shape of the ear. The BeatBuds X1 have chosen a condition suitable for most target groups. Nevertheless, problems can develop if the ear or ear canal is deformed. Wearing comfort is, therefore, an essential part that you should assess after buying this product.
  • The power supply:The primary power supply of both BeatBuds X1 headphones is in the form of a rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for about 4 hours in continuous operation. When the energy in the headphones is running out, the storage box comes into play. This is also a power station in mini format. The battery in the package can be recharged with up to 18 hours of energy. The in-ears should thus be supplied with new energy several times in the box before this charging station also comes into contact with a charging cable again. When the battery of the BeatBuds X1 is fully charged, you can read off the display of the charging unit separately for the left and right earphones.
  • The technical features:The technical features start with the transmission of the sound via a radio signal. The use of Bluetooth replaces the otherwise required cable. The radio connection is also said to make it unnecessary to be permanently near a mobile phone or computer. The manufacturer states that the connection can withstand distances of up to 10 meters without experiencing a loss of sound. However, this value can also be lower due to local conditions such as walls.

For sound quality, the BeatBuds X1 are initially said to have stereo sound. This means that the signal is transmitted to both earphones simultaneously. The built-in technology is also supposed to automatically compensate for minor irregularities in the transmission or the sound. In this respect, the sound experience should not suffer compared to branded products or loudspeakers.

  • The overall assessment:The BeatBuds X1 headphones draw a positive balance in the comprehensive evaluation. As with all wireless in-ear headphones, you must be a little careful first to avoid losing the earphones unnoticed. Due to the battery life of up to 4 hours, this offer is a good choice for pupils, students, and commuters.

BeatBuds X1 technical facts

  1. wireless headphones
  2. radio transmission via Bluetooth
  3. range of up to 10 meters
  4. stereo sound
  5. regulation of the sound for longer transmission distances
  6. battery operated
  7. 18 hours of power are in the charging unit
  8. 4 hours of use with a fully charged battery
  9. storage box/charging unit included
  10. charging case has an LCD
  11. compatible with iOS or Android

What are the BeatBuds X1 quality features?

While the designs of many in-ear earphones are now very similar, the quality of the two products can still be miles apart. Given this fact, it is always advisable to look for independent test reports or other buyers’ opinions before making a purchase. Unfortunately, neither Stiftung Warentest nor other well-known testers have yet to test these earphones thoroughly.

If this fact doesn’t stop you from buying, you should carry out this test yourself once the goods have arrived. It is important to remember that the sound quality of the BeatBuds X1 headphones should not only be tested in the home. The acid test is in larger crowds, such as weekly markets. If the ambient noise is not perceived as louder than the music being played or other audio content, this observation speaks for the quality of these headphones from Label Products BV. If, on the other hand, the quality is not convincing in all decisive points, you have 30 days to return the BeatBuds X1 to the seller.=

General BeatBuds X1 reviews

One of the features that can distinguish the BeatBuds X1 from other wireless headphones is not directly on the in-ear headphones but on the storage box. When used as a mobile charger, it becomes apparent how helpful the existing LCD on the front of the charging box is. The different charging status displays for the left and right earphones clearly show how much residual energy is still available in the two earphones. This technical detail is also practical for checking whether the batteries of the earphones are being supplied with new power as desired. If this is the case, the value for both displays increases until 100 % is finally reached. If, on the other hand, one of the charge levels remains low, this display indicates a faulty position in the charging box or can also indicate a defect. The display thus quickly becomes a support in everyday life when using the BeatBuds X1 frequently.

In the reviews that can be found so far, comments on the LCD can also be read, but this detail does not make up the main focus of this product. Many more people have decided to buy the BeatBuds X1 because of its battery life. Being able to talk on the phone or listen to music for up to four hours was the deciding factor for many owners. With the help of the mobile charging box, the in-ear earphones can also be recharged on the go or while traveling.

In addition to praise, there is also criticism of this product. This criticism primarily relates to wearing comfort. Some authors of the customer review report that the headphones fall out of the ears easily and would therefore be unsuitable for jogging, among other things. In addition, the individual earphones cannot be located with this product. Finding the earphones again would depend a little on chance. Visit this product website to see more customer reviews.

Where can I order BeatBuds X1?

Several wireless headphone manufacturers have had to deal with product piracy in recent years. Counterfeit products of inferior quality can also hurt the manufacturers of the original goods. To avoid this loss of image, more and more retailers are turning to the advantages of e-commerce. For you, the only thing that changes when you buy BeatBuds X1 headphones is the place where you can purchase this product. Instead of having several options, such as shops and online shops, the original BeatBuds X1 are currently only available through the manufacturer’s official website. While this reduces the selection to a minimum, there is no risk of getting a lousy deal on counterfeit goods.

By buying through the website, savers can purchase the BeatBuds X1 Bluetooth headphones at a lower price. The amount of this savings on order depends on the quantity of the goods ordered. Spread over the four offer sizes, and the discount is made up as follows:

  • 1 pair of BeatBuds X1 headphones = 50% discount
  • 2 pairs of BeatBuds X1 headphones = 52 % discount
  • 3 pair of BeatBuds X1 headphones = 53 % discount
  • 4 pairs of BeatBuds X1 headphones = 55 % off

Opting for more wireless headphones makes it easier to place the BeatBuds in different locations, such as the home, vehicle, or office. In addition, these Bluetooth headphones also make a great gift idea, so you no longer have to think about the right presents for birthdays or Christmas. There are two ways to pay for the selected goods. These payment options include:

1) PayPal and

2) Credit card

Compared to PayPal’s buyer protection, credit card companies also offer the option to cancel a payment in case of non-delivery. With these protections, you can shop with greater peace of mind, even if it’s your first time considering a purchase from this merchant.

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Who is the provider of the product?

If you want to listen to music on the go without getting your clothes caught in headphone cords, you may have developed an interest in the BeatBuds X1 through this product description. If the only question left is the supplier of this product, you can get more insight into who offers these wireless in-ear headphones for sale via the profile below.


Name: Label Products BV

Steenovenweg 5

5708 HN Helmond

Country of origin: Netherlands


Support: e-mail: support @ gogogadgets. io

Telephone number:

+18663008985 (USA)

+448000729935 (UK)

Since it is a company from the Netherlands, you should not expect any import fees. This applies to all goods shipped within the European Union. To be safe, you can also call the customer hotline and get more information about the place of origin and shipping of the BeatBuds headphones.

If you are not satisfied with the sound of the music or find the wearing comfort of these in-ear headphones uncomfortable, you can return the product after purchase. The seller grants you this right up to 30 days after the delivery. Therefore, you should have enough time to form your opinion about these headphones.

General information about headphones

Headphones have been popular for listening to music for decades. The development of headphones has undergone several changes since then. This includes, not least, an increase in functions and uses. In addition to music or audiobooks, headphones have become essential to mobile phone conversations. Instead of holding the phone or using hands-free, in-ear and on-ear earphones offer a third option.

Wireless in-ear earphones, in particular, have led to a small revolution in the market. These offerings use Bluetooth to transmit the sound signals to the headphones. This wireless technology is much more stable today than a few years ago. In this respect, it is rather unlikely that the connection will break off several times in a row. To convince buyers of the advantages of these products, technologies such as noise-canceling have been improved even further. Background noise is reduced to a minimum compared to the sound from the in-ear headphones. As a result, the latest generations of headphones no longer require you to turn up the volume so that background noise doesn’t drown out the music.

Known FAQ about this product
  • Q:Are the BeatBuds X1 only for music?
  • A: These in-ear earphones are also designed for listening to audiobooks or taking phone calls.
  • Q:How are the BeatBuds X1 powered?
  • A:The box in the two earphones is supplied with new energy for up to 4 hours in the charging box. For example, the package can be charged with energy using a USB charging cable on a PC. The maximum charge time is 18 hours.
  • Q:Are the BeatBuds X1 wireless?
  • A:Yes, these earphones are wireless and therefore do not have a direct connection to each other. The transmission is done via radio, so the two earphones should still deliver a synchronous sound.
  • Q:What devices are the BeatBuds X1 headphones compatible with?
  • A:This product is suitable for mobile phones, tablets, or even computers. The compatibility extends to iOS as well as Android.

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