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Be Careful Because If You Do Not Enter Twitter For A Long Time You Will Lose Your Account

Elon Musk has been at the helm of Twitter for about 6 months now and his stay on the social network, above all, will be remembered as endless questionable and controversial decisions of all colors . Things as they are, the South African tycoon since his arrival has not stopped making a mess. Recently, in fact, some information has emerged that suggests that we will soon have new controversies around Twitter , such as the future existence of paid tweets , a tool that will give selected accounts the possibility to publish content available only if the specified amount is paid.

Tech t-shirts Now, this is not the only thing, since Elon Musk has recently announced a decision that, obviously, has also raised opinions of all kinds . Specifically, Musk confirmed that many inactive Twitter accounts will be removed from the platform . So, with all this on the table, we are going to see all the details of this news, which really is not that there is much more , but there are always loose details here and there.

  • In fact, as he himself confirmed in the tweet above , the platform is already deleting some accounts that have not been active for a few years.
  • Therefore, as is evident and as Musk himself stated, Twitter users will have already begun to lose some followers, something that will continue to happen in the coming days .
  • The latter, of course, is the product of having suspended those inactive accounts , of which more than one, surely, that follows you on your current profile.
  • One of the most controversial points of this measure, as some well-known personalities on the social network have mentioned, is that some of these inactive accounts belong to deceased relatives, for example.
  • People like John Carmack, recognized for being part of id Software and being one of the fathers of the iconic Doom saga, have invited Elon Musk to rethink his decision .
  • What Carmack has said you can read below in the tweet that I leave just below these lines , in addition to the one quoted with the translation at the end of the post.

“You may be reading this incorrectly, but if you are actually deleting inactive accounts and all of their historical tweets , I STRONGLY urge you to reconsider .

Letting people know how many “active” followers you have is good information , but deleting inactive accounts would be terrible . I still see people liking the tweets I made ten years ago, but the threads are often already fragmented with tweets deleted or unavailable. Don’t make it worse!

Some may scoff at any allusion between Twitter and ancient libraries, but while the Alexandria library fire was a tragedy, the scrolls and books that were thrown away just because no one wanted to keep them are worse .

Save it all!”

Source: techaiguide

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