BCharity Team – The International Charity Exchange

BCharity came with the promise of creating a community of organizations, funds, and individuals that are willing to give necessary assistance to those in need, using the blockchain technology. This can only be achieved with the right set of people as members of the team, and BCharity definitely has the right set of people in its team. Let’s meet them, shall we?

The BCharity Project Team

  • Vladislav Kololdistyy, CEO and Founder

Vladislav leads the BCharity team, and is a tech enthusiast with a genuine passion fueled towards modernizing charity all over the globe.

  • Matthew Guignard, Co-founder

Matthew is an experienced entrepreneur with the sole desire of making a difference in the world we are. He stands as the point of contact for anyone wishing to communicate with BCharity, and also looks out for the development of the network.

  • Robby Schwertner, Co-Founder

Robby is an advisor on issues pertaining to cryptocurrencies, and also a social media influencer. His primary focus is on the development of blockchain projects which add value to cultures and people all over the world.

  • Roman Prischip, Developer and Co-founder

Roman is an expert backed by years of experience in the area of the technical development of resources for the web. He also has a vast knowledge of programming languages like Erlang, JavaScript, and Ruby.

  • Dmitriy Maslo, Co-Founder

Dmitriy is an active philanthropist having vast experience in the management of technical projects. He is also an active adviser on a number of IT related projects.

  • Pramod Mendonca, CTO

Pramod is a multiple degree holder cutting across computer sciences and physics, and a technology expert with over 15 years of in-depth experience in this field. He is a passionate developer with a love for the blockchain technology and can find a solution to any problem placed before him.

The BCharity Board of Advisors

  • Tharwat Abdul-Malik

Tharwat is a blockchain expert with over 20 years of experience in the business and technology industry. He stands as an independent adviser in Raytheon, Sharecare, Vodafone, Delta Airlines, and many other startups. Tharwat has a seat on the executive board and volunteers in a number of charity organizations like the 5 Arts Foundation and Keen.

  • Ihor Nikolenko

Ihor is sales generator, troubleshooter and increaser, and an expert on LinkedIn, with over 10 successful years working in international companies like Roullier Group and Kimberly-Clark.

  • Robert Laguna

Robert is an expert in operations and project management with over 10 years of experience managing a number of projects, operations, and data analysis for various startup and corporate companies, and has a desire to use evolving technology to make a difference.

  • Alex Saidani

Alex is a self-taught software developer and a serial entrepreneur, and the Founder of a blockchain development and education firm called Xcelerate. He has also founded and played major roles in companies like GiveMeTap and In-demand and has been a consultant for companies like UNiDAYS and Unilever.


Coming up with an innovative idea that will literally change the lives of people all over the globe is amazing, and with the BCharity team, this project can go way beyond anybody’s imagination.

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