BCharity : Donate to Your Favourite Charity with a Decentralized International Charity Exchange

BCharity is a charity exchange that is looking to revolutionize the way charitable acts are conducted all over the world. It is a platform that is tasked with increasing the level of accessibility and efficiency at is synonymous with charity organizations, nations, and general charitable acts all over the world.

The aim of the platform is to unite everyone who is a player in the charity landscape.

The BCharity platform will integrate a wallet & exchange as the foundation with a  social network interface to showcase charities/foundations and causes, on a global scale. All stakeholders of charity (organizations/donation recipients and charitable donors) will have unequivocal access to ensure the most trust and transparency possible. 

The wallet & exchange will facilitate purchases of the BCharity Token (CHAR) from both Fiat and Crypto-Currency.

. The founders of BCharity are looking to unite all parties and ensure the seamless transfer of aid… anywhere in the world!

Blockchain technology

The formation of unbreakable trust and completely transparent donations is possible thanks to the implementation of blockchain technology (especially with the use of crypto assets). Thanks to the blockchain, capital and other forms of financial resources can be seamlessly and quickly transferred from place to place and without passing through any unnecessary intermediaries. However, while it does have the above advantages, it is also important to know that blockchain technology, when adopted, doesn’t necessarily have to remove donation history or the payment anonymity. Essentially, if you’ll like to make donations, you can choose to remain anonymous or not. You get the best of both worlds.


Cryptocurrency is a concept that exists independent of control by bodies such as the government, banks, and other financial institutions. This means that there is no way for anyone to suddenly halt its progress while it is being transferred. This means that if you’re looking for an effective and sure fire way to send donations, cryptocurrency just might be the way to go, especially considering the fact that it will ensure the receipt of the payment by the recipient. With the payment of a minimum fee, a transfer of funds on the crypto asset market will ensure that instant help reaches millions of people all over the world.

Availability and large-scale applications

This platform will also serve to bring local issues to the attention of charitable corporations all over the world. This will help to increase the frequency and speed with which funds are being raised, and also increase the chances of the funds being collected in good time. Also, in a bid to ensure accountability and fund security, only organizations that have been verified according to the required documents will be able to access the platform in order to get financial assistance and receive donations.

The BCharity Token

The BCharity token will go on sale at the ICO, which will hold in June 2018. The distribution formula is as follows:

80% to the users and investors

10% to the founders

5% to the “Bounty” campaign

3% to the various consultants and advisers

2% to the partners


Over the years, charity organizations have always seen their efforts countered by certain administrative and logistical barriers, especially when it comes to funds transfers. However, thanks to the amalgamation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, BCharity is looking to change that. Efficiency in charity is what this asset promises.

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