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BBH Bronze Sponsor at 6th Business and Entrepreneurial Economics – BEE Conference

Business and Entrepreneurial Economics

This year the 6th Business and Entrepreneurial Economics – BEE Conference will attract professionals, researchers and industry specialists from all fields of business. The conference will be held at the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes starting on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 and will feature speakers such as Calin Gurau who will discuss “Entrepreneurship in the platform economy,” followed by Ivana Fojs who will assess intellectual capital of a technology park. 

Bavarian Business Hub is proud to announce that we will be attending this conference, not only as a speaker, but as a Bronze Sponsor! We look forward to a lively intercultural exchange of ideas and would love to bring a distinctly German perspective to the discussion table. Those in attendance can look forward to hearing our industry experts share exclusive insider knowledge. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park

The oldest and largest national park in the Republic of Croatia is the location of the conference this year. Situated in the mountainous region of Croatia, between Mala Kapela mountain range and the Lička Plješivica mountain range, participants are in for a visual treat. 

Plitvice Lakes National Park consists of a 295 square kilometer forest reserve known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes. A limestone canyon extends beyond the waterfalls and a multitude of hiking trails can be found in the park. Electric boat links in the upper and lower lakes can be found as well. Forming part of the UNESCO World Heritage List the park is home to spectacular views with the Veliki Slap being one of the more breathtaking ones. From this entrance viewers can see Sastavci Slap and Veliki Slap. The river Korana drops over 25 meters to create this beautiful waterfall. 

About the Conference

The conference will include presentations and discussions with a particular focus on gaining insight into current trends. Conference participants will hear from thought leaders who will shed valuable insight into current trends and have the opportunity to share their thoughts and discuss important ideas. The conference object is to utilize scientific, research, educational, business and entrepreneurial potential to contribute to sustainable development. 

In light of the current global health situation, organizers have planned that this event includes virtual elements. This hybrid conference will have physical events that will contain virtual elements, making online attendance possible. Ph.D. research as well as entrepreneurial proposals for roundtable discussions are welcome. These papers will be published in a Conference proceedings. Selected papers will be forwarded to the faculty journal for publishing. 

The conference is more than just stiff talk about heavy business topics! Last year the conference was held online, under the patronage of the Croation Post, Financial Agency and The Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. Due to the nature of the online conference environment, organizers decided to show a “lively” side instead of the standard pictures of screenshots.  Photos of the conference depicted a paragliding adventure and beautiful countryside. Even though BEE 2020 was online, it had quite the impact on participants. Commentary from participants included:

 “Thank you for organizing this great conference with many interesting presentations in a flexible way in a virtual environment, which makes its own challenges,” Jani Kinnunen from Abo Akademi University commented. 

Fillip Badovinac, a student, expressed enthusiasm about the conference. “This was the first scientific conference I participated in and the impressions are great! It gave me an insight into a world that is completely new to me, presenting new knowledge, exchanging experiences, criticism and praise.” 

Theuns Pelser from the University of Kwazulu-Natal looked forward to the next conference. “Just a word of thanks for a well-organized BEE conference and the opportunity to be part of it. I am looking forward to attending the next BEE2021 conference and to meet you in person.”

The conference is set to start on the 25th of May and concludes on the 29th. 

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