Bazista: The Cryptocurrency E-commerce Marketplace

Over years the rapid development of technology has paved way for the emergence of many unique innovations that have proven to be solutions to the many problems a number of people around the world are facing now, and this has invariably improved their standard of living on so many levels.

One of the many ways these technological advancements have helped the global economy is introducing e-commerce, one of the rapidly growing technological marketplace in the entire world right now. This fast growth can be attributed to the rapid extensive utilisation of fixed and mobile broadband access to the web.

At first sight, e-commerce might seem like the next best thing after sliced bread, but there are some unresolved issues attached to exchanging and trading products and services using the internet, for example multi-level payment control by international and local banks might stand as an obstacle to payment terms and conditions which may cause an increase in the actual price of products and services.

But that’s all in the past now as Bazista has provided a solution to the problems faced by members of the e-commerce ecosystem around the world.

Introducing Bazista

Bazista is a company that has identified the issues of the e-commerce marketplace, and has created a platform that uses the blockchain technology in settling transactions between users. The platform is the first ever C2C and B2C trading platform, and it allows users easily place their cryptocurrency as exchange for goods and services by simply interacting with other members of the community.

The Bazista platform will comprise of top names in the e-commerce marketplace like Amazon and eBay, and introduce this business sector to a new level of technological advancement by making use of the latest exchange mechanisms.

The platform has a web interface that can adapt to any operating system, and allows users to easily buy goods and post adverts by simply clicking a few buttons.

Benefits of the Bazista Platform

Asides the fact that the Bazista platform is providing an active upgrade for e-commerce, users also stand to benefit a lot from the platform using the Bazi (BZS) token, either as a buyer or a seller. Some of these benefits include:

  • Reliability
  • Partnership
  • Fees up to 0% quality
  • Digital assets

The Bazista ICO Journey

Since the platform operates on the Ethereum blockchain, 1 ETH can be exchanged for 11.000 BZS, with the total amount of BZS tokens to be distributed being 440,000,000 for the development and improvement of Bazista projects.

73% of the tokens will be used for product development and funds securement, and international expansion. 15% of the tokens are going to be reserved for the founders and the team behind the project. 4% of the tokens will be used for advertisement, and 3% of the tokens will be for early investors.

The Pre-ICO program started 16th November 2017 and ran till 21st November 2017, where 12,841,376 BZS tokens were distributed. The ICO launch started December 4, 2017 and ended January 2018, where early investors were given up to 30% discounts.


Bazista is creating a channel where decentralised currency can be directed into the real-economy sector using the BZS token. And, with the growing infiltration of Smartphone, it is close to impossible that decentralised currencies and other blockchain platforms won’t turn out to be the future of e-commerce. Bazista is taking the lead.

Angela Scott-Briggs: Editor, | Interested in Innovations in Business, Finance, and Technology .
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