Bazista & CIF join forces to popularize usage of crypto currencies among businesses around the world

Bazista marketplace & Crypto Improvement Fund share the same vision towards cryptocurrency usage, but present slightly different ways of approaching it. Both companies are looking to drive stream of cryptocurrencies away from the purely speculative market into the real economy sector, by helping businesses around the world to adopt new payment technologies, integrate them into their business models and

Bazista focuses largely on the Indian market and South Asian region in generally. The region presents large of the world’s unbanked population and businesses which could look into crypto as a way to get online and broad their customer audience. However, the platform is set to launch in 2018 and will be available to use from any part of the world.

Crypto Improvement Fund is looking to help businesses of any size and industry sector to implement blockchain solutions in order to improve their market performance, cut financial and time costs and get new customers on board. As the first step CIF will launch an online hub which will provide educational content on blockchain implementation for various goals and objectives.

Strategic partnership will help both companies to broad their influence geographically by sharing their connections, market research data and looking into deeper technical integration in the future.

Angela Scott-Briggs: Editor | Interested in Innovations in Business, Finance, and Technology .
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