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Bazaar Art Marketplace, Built on HAQQ Blockchain, Launches its First NFT Collection

Bazaar Art Marketplace, powered by the Shariah-compliant HAQQ blockchain, announces the launch of its first NFT collection, “Fruits of Jannah,” to commemorate this Ramadan. This unique collection marks a significant milestone in celebrating cultural richness and Islamic heritage, bridging the gap between traditional faith and the digital age. Inspired by the Holy Quran and hadith, “Fruits of Jannah” pays tribute to the sacred fruits of Paradise, each piece rich with symbolism and spiritual significance.

The collection unfolds with daily reveals, each fruit representing key Islamic values such as divine provisions, patience, beauty, and wisdom. Launching on 29th March, the collection begins with olive – a fruit that symbolizes divine light and guidance. In the Quran, Allah swears by the olive, or Zaytun, as a beacon of hope and enlightenment. In the 24th chapter, Allah uses the radiant glow of olive oil as an example to describe his light (Nur). 

The unveiling sequence promises to take collectors on a spiritual journey through the holy month of Ramadan, culminating in a grand reveal on 4th April. Each fruit, from grapes to figs, has been chosen for its profound significance in Islamic tradition, emphasizing the superior quality and abundance promised in the Hereafter. For instance, Fig represents Allah’s divine provision and sustenance for his creations, said to have descended from the Jannah. Dates and Pomegranates are two of our beloved Prophet’s favorite fruits (PBUH), which have been mentioned in several hadiths for their health and spiritual benefits. Grapes are also mentioned many times in the Quran and are described as one of the divine fruits of Jannah. 

The NFTs draw inspiration from these fruits, embodying the essence of Islam and its timeless teachings. By owning this digital art, users can have a spiritual connection with the teachings of Islam and the divine message associated with each NFT. Bridging the gap between Sharia-compliant and modern finance, the Fruits of Jannah collection adheres to Islamic principles, ensuring a respectful and inclusive experience for the Ummah. 

Beyond their artistic value, “Fruits of Jannah” NFTs offer exclusive benefits to their holders. With a limited edition of 3,000 NFTs, the collection introduces a new dimension to digital ownership. Benefits include access to special NFT drops and reduced trading fees on Bazaar.Art, and invitations to select Islamic Coin events. These privileges aim to foster a deeper connection between the global Muslim community and the growing NFT ecosystem. 

Minting begins on 11th April after Eid-ul-Fitr. It will take place on a dedicated landing page, with 300 NFTs reserved for marketing. The cost of minting will increase with each new NFT, adding an element of exclusivity and anticipation for collectors. As we launch this marketplace, all minted NFTs can be sold there, providing a platform for artists and collectors to thrive. 

This launch is a celebration of faith, culture, and innovation, uniting individuals from all walks of life in a shared appreciation of Islamic heritage. It also signifies the official debut of Bazaar Art, empowering artists from around the globe to showcase their cultural richness and monetize their creativity. 

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