Basic Features of Asseta Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Banking

Asseta is a blockchain based revolutionary platform business model headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania. Asseta targets the inadequacies of financial institutions by providing a platform with new generation technologies that address the deficiencies of the traditional banking system under the subsets of payments, money transfers – deposits and withdrawals, currency exchange and insurance services. Asseta, created under JSC ‘CRYPTO BANKAS’ was founded in March 2016 although the digital banking system was not developed until October of that year.

Asseta is looking to obtain a membership in major payment systems like Swift, Visa and MasterCard as well as other regulatory licenses that will authorize the platform to operate legally within the European Union. With the guarantee of fast, well secured, confidential banking operation in a crypto bank, Asseta is revolutionizing the finance sector, one transaction at a time. The Asseta team is headed by CEO and founder Lukas Zaranka, the platform itself is powered by Asseta coin – an ERC20 compliant token unique to the platform. The platform just concluded a successful ICO on the Asseta tokens.

Features and services

  • Using Asseta, users can send and receive funds to/from any country in the world at anytime of the day.
  • The Asseta coin can be traded for other fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies from a user’s Asseta account.
  • Users can make deposits and withdrawals with their Asseta account using a variety payment systems including Visa and MasterCard. Asseta has plans to partner with more payment systems to integrate more options on the platform.
  • Asseta uses a cryptographically secure technology to ensure that the funds are sent directly to the recipient’s account.
  • Likewise, users can also send invoices for payments from their Asseta account directly to the e-mails of the customers.
  • Asseta also offers a property and health insurance platform for its users. Terms and conditions do apply in this case.

Problems solved

  • Asseta shortens the long period of time it usually takes to process transactions in the traditional banking system.
  • Asseta removes the difficulties associated with international trade by providing a single coin that is available to all users regardless of their country of residence.

What makes Asseta unique?

  1. Users are in total control of their funds in the Asseta account and the platform guarantees direct and unrestricted access to the assets from anywhere in the world at any time.
  2. Asseta has a well designed and user-friendly interface that is simple to master and can be easily navigated, even by newcomers.
  3. Asseta is built on the blockchain technology which provides an unmanipulatable record of transactions accessible to every user on the network.
  4. Also, holdings in the Asseta account are discreet and properly safeguarded.
  5. As a digital banking system Asseta has a major advantage over traditional banks – low transaction fees and shorter wait times to process one transaction.
  6. Asseta token holders receive a preferential discount of up to 50% for every transaction or payment for services conducted on platform.


The ultimate goal of Asseta is to establish a digital bank with modern and easy to use financial tools to ‘meet the needs of contemporary man’. There are concrete plans to expand the company’s reach into several other countries in the world and gradually transform Asseta into a global blockchain based crypto bank with revolutionary services.


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