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Barcode Label Market Research Report 2022 – Global Forecast till 2028

Barcode labels are used for quick data storing and retrieving. Barcode labels include a representation of the company and product-related information in line and number format.  They consist of small black parallel lines of varying widths and gaps which allow companies to obtain real-time data. Some barcode labels are comprised of numbers and pictures which increases their efficiency. Information regarding manufactures name, type of product, product number and price are included in barcode labels.  Barcode labels prove useful when there is a need to increase performance, efficiency, and profitability across the supply chain.

Barcode labels are used in different sectors like FMCG, healthcare, transportation, and banking. Barcode labels are also used in places like post offices, passport offices, airports, bicycle and car rental service providers, and colleges.

Barcode Label market: Dynamics

Barcode labels help to extract accurate data of the product or services within microseconds; hence the driving force for using barcode labels is to reduce human error. The second major factor for using this technology is data security.  Every organization want to encrypt their data with high level security which will not be easily traceable by the outsiders.

Barcode Labels Market: Trend

The barcode labels market is continuously influenced by advancements in high-end technologies. Nowadays, user-friendly barcode label scanners are available in smartphones which increases convenience. The latest barcode in the form of Quick Response codes stores 100 times more information in smaller space and arranging data in 2 directional way. This consist of minimum error margin.

Barcode Label market: Key Players

Following are the barcode label manufacturers operating in the industry –

  • Aditya Barcode Technologies
  • TSI America
  • Inotec Barcode Security GmbH
  • General data Company, Inc.
  • Brady Corporation
  • Symbology Inc.

    Barcode Label market: Segmentation

    Depending upon code writing technology, the combination of numbers and alphabets and as per industry standards barcode labels are segmented as:

    By technology, Barcode labels market is segmented into,

    • 1 Directional barcode labels
    • 2 Directional barcode labels
    • HD barcode labels
    • Holographic transparent barcode labels

    By combination, barcode labels are segmented into

    • Numeric barcode labels
    • Alphanumeric barcode labels

    By industry standards, barcode labels are segmented into

    • Code 39
    • Code 128
    • Interleaved 2 of 5
    • Universal Product Codes (UPC)
    • International Article Number (IAN)
    • PDF 417
    • Data Matrix
    • Quick Response Codes (QR code)
    • GS1 DataBar


For Information On The Research Approach Used In The Report, Request TOC 

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