Barava Launches Smart IoT Light That’s Like Nothing We’ve Seen Before

As brands race to launch new IoT lighting products, consumers are quickly learning that smart and stylish are rarely synonymous. While many “smart” lighting options are innovative, few are worthy of actually being put on display. That’s why the launch of the new Barava Light is so highly anticipated.

Smart technology

“As smart technology has advanced, the lighting sector has transformed in terms of energy, financial savings, consumer convenience, and safety,” explains a report from Straits Research. According to this same report, the smart lighting market is projected to reach $94.16 billion by 2030. 

Homeowners and business owners are eager to embrace IoT smart lighting in an effort to get ahead of rising energy costs. With a trend of electricity prices rising 15% annually in play, many in the hospitality industry are looking for ways to cut utility costs during a period when this category is one of the biggest expenses within an operating budget.

People are increasingly seeking smart lights to make their living rooms, bedrooms, and offices feel brighter without taking on big electrical projects. Restaurant and bar owners are looking for an affordable, efficient option that provides lighting with a little ambiance thrown into the mix. 

The Barava Light is emerging as the “aesthetic” choice in IoT lighting due to an attractive design that’s combined with safety, efficiency, and ease of use. Barava is different from other IoT lighting options because it’s designed around the concept of tapping into the emotion of light. While each fixture is engineered for efficiency and easy integration, the design has a living, pulse-like quality to it that sets it apart from many of the “cold lighting” options that people seeking IoT residential and commercial lights are forced to live with.

Designed to look like a lava lamp, the Barava Light infuses a taste of “the future” into a 1960s icon using zoned LED lights, a dimmer switch, and an integrated speaker with microphone. The fluidity of the design is provided by nontoxic “ooze” made with food-grade glycol. 

Design the Barava light

“When we set out to design the Barava light, we wanted to create something more than just an aesthetic lamp,” said Founder Johnny Betz. “The Barava is a fusion of modern design and cutting-edge technology that illuminates your space in a whole new way. It’s the perfect embodiment of form meets function, and I can’t wait for others to experience it.”

Many restaurant and bar owners see the Barava as the perfect option for adding moody lighting across a full bar, at individual booths and tables, and at various stations. Using an app, users can select their own animations and themes from thousands of options.

As the demand for IoT and smart lighting continues to rise, brands will need to be sharper when it comes to creating lighting that makes spaces feel alive with warmth and color. The launch of the Barava Light is sure to shake things up in an industry that has a reputation for putting out flat or one-dimensional products.

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