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Banking License for sale

Despite the fact that banks have always been provided with quite a variety of licenses for banking transactions, depending on the allowed set of these deals, banking establishments were not divided into specific types and were subject to specific requirements, in accordance with standards, according to probabilities of investing in securities. But now the legislator of each state has provided for such a concept as permission of a universal and non-general type, which implies different risks and, accordingly, a differentiated approach in terms of mandatory points. Below we’ll consider several points regarding banking licenses for sale and the profitability of this sphere.

Activities of banking establishments

Banking establishments do three things: store money, lend it, and make payments. They earn commissions, interest, and maintenance.

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Organizations and entrepreneurs can deposit money. The deposit helps to ensure the safety of money and earn interest, which can partially or completely cover the depreciation of funds – inflation.

When the depositor brings money, the bank transfers a certain percentage to a special account at the Central Bank: the money is kept there until the client decides to take it. The rest of the bank puts into circulation and earns on it. For example, it gives out a loan to another client. This is where the interest on the deposit comes from: the bank shares with the depositor part of the profit that it received during the time it used its money.

Money from the deposit can be withdrawn at any time unless other conditions are determined in the agreement. But it’s unprofitable for the bank: it managed to earn less than expected. Therefore, the percentage that the client will receive will be small.

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You can borrow money from a bank at interest and gradually repay it. This can be done even by the state, but not by any bank. If the money is not returned, they will impose fines and prohibit travel abroad.


Banks provide the opportunity to make money transfers. They allow you to instantly pay for a product or service, pay a tax or send money to loved ones. The bank uses digital money and makes sure that the payment goes quickly and safely. If there is a problem, he will take the risk.

Operations banking licenses entitle for

  1. Commercial establishments may perform several operations.
  2. Deposit. Banking institutions place deposits, service customer accounts, calculate interest and provide refunds.
  3. Credit. Banks provide loans, and credit funds to the account, accept payments under the contract and restructure loans.
  4. Account service. Banks service client accounts, carry out payments, withdraw, credit, transfer funds, and execute payment orders.
  5. Card service. Banks carry out operations related to the use of a bank card: issue and reissue a card, and make payments and credits.
  6. Currency operations. Banks sell and buy foreign currency, and convert it at the request of customers.
  7. Money transfers. On behalf of clients, banks transfer money to other citizens or entities.

What is important to remember

  1. A bank is a credit institution with permission having rights to perform operations for profit.
  2. There are commercial banks that serve the population and a single regulatory body that monitors the implementation of laws in the financial sector.
  3. Commercial banks serve ordinary individuals and entities: open deposits, make loans, transfer and exchange mean.
  4. The bank is obliged to observe bank secrecy: disclosure of personal data entails criminal liability.
  5. Issuance of banking permissions is carried out after the registration of the fiscal organization, entering data about it in the register; payments of 100% of the authorized capital; creating a local account for a credit institution. After fulfilling all these conditions, a license is issued to a credit institution within a specially allotted time – it varies in different jurisdictions.

If you want to start your own banking commercial project, we recommend you pay attention to the ready-made version of the institution. This is a fully stable model, ready for further exploitation.

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