Band of Coders acquires Toolbox No. 9

Band of Coders

A national leader in software development, Band of Coders will now offer premier UX and UI design through the Toolbox brand

 Atlanta, GA — Band of Coders, LP, a leading software development and engineering agency, announces the acquisition of Atlanta-based Toolbox No. 9, Inc. (“Toolbox”): a company specializing in User Experience & User Interface Design and Development (UX/UI) for website and software applications. Combining Band of Coders’ engineering services with Toolbox’s design expertise, the acquisition allows both companies to offer more balanced, full-scale services to new and existing customers.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Toolbox offers UX/UI design services to help companies increase user engagement, power high-level marketing, and provide optimal user experiences. Specific services include designing user interfaces, optimizing front-end and API technology, and supporting teams through planning and implementation. 

Moving forward, Toolbox will continue servicing new and existing clients directly through the Toolbox brand, and in addition to its current service offerings, will also provide full-stack software development and engineering capabilities through Band of Coders. This will allow Band of Coders to add UX and UI design to its current lineup of software and digital product development services.

According to Bobby John, CEO of Band of Coders: “Band of Coders is always listening to our clients’ needs and evolving our services to address them. With the accelerated pace of change and global competition, our clients were looking for help understanding their users and testing design concepts at a level beyond what our current engineering team could offer. When I shared this challenge with Jason, founder of Atlanta’s leading UX/UI agency, Toolbox, he immediately saw how, together, we could help our clients build faster and better. We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Toolbox, which will bring together world-class design thinking and UI development with our modern full-stack software engineering experience. For the last 20 years, Band of Coders has been bringing product ideas to life. Now, thanks to Toolbox’s amazing team and experience, our clients will be able to launch products with excellent user experiences—as well as a secure, scalable, and maintainable codebase.”

With the completion of the acquisition, Jason Rhoades, Founder and President of Toolbox, has been appointed Senior Managing Partner of Band of Coders. Of the acquisition, Rhoades says: “I am thrilled to bring our companies together. Toolbox and Band of Coders were combined to unite our respective culture, experience, and expertise — an elegant yin and yang of design and development for digital products. In Band of Coders, I found the best full-stack development agency that shared our same vision and aspirations for the future. This acquisition enables Toolbox to further our mission of providing the best User Experience to the most innovative and fastest growing companies in the world.”

Premier UX and UI design through the Toolbox brand

About Band of Coders, LP

Band of Coders is a full-service software design and development agency that helps companies, organizations, teams, and individuals turn their ideas into successful digital products. The company offers comprehensive support throughout the development process: from a consultation with a CTO to an agile roadmap, full-stack engineering, and product launch. Created as a resource for innovators and visionaries, Band of Coders embraces a spirit of collaboration, passion, and resilience. With a roster of clients that includes Uber, Yamaha, and SiriusXM, its coders have a reputation as dependable, highly experienced, and capable of building and supporting the most complex digital products. Founded in 2001, Band of Coders is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with regional offices throughout the United States and Canada. 


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