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Bali Dancer NFT is a digital asset with increasing underlying value

Bali Dancer NFT is a digital asset that works as a membership card and assists tourists in premium clubs, restaurants, cafes, and all sorts of tourist spots in Bali.

Bali is open again after going through the pandemic like the rest of the world. Local beaches and the culture at Bali are anxiously waiting for people to come to visit. Mountains and some breathtaking displays are waiting for tourists to explore.

A Web 3.0 company is launching Bali Dancer NFTs which are digital membership cards for people. The digital asset will assist in accessing premium beach clubs, hottest night clubs, best restaurants, cafes, and spas for tourists visiting Bali. The holder of the card will receive privileged bookings, access to exclusive events, special discounts, and much more at fancy locations in Bali.

The Bali Dancer community is expected to reach over 8000 explorers from countries like Australia, the UK, Canada, Japan, China, India, Russia, and many more worldwide. The communities are already through Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, which will help people find each other and stay with their communities to ensure comfort across all areas.

Check out the digital membership and make sure to claim it as early as possible.

The smart contract for Bali Dancer NFT is developed by teams of experts with prior development experiences and vetted through a stringent smart contract audit process to ensure a safe and secure contract. The contract is implemented in ERC721A NFT Standard Implementation.

Bali Dancer NFT will be released in stages but will be limited in the smart contract to 10,000 NFTs to ensure its rarity. Bali Dancer NFT development will ensure that it is more than a pretty face but will have the smarts, with developments in the future into gamified benefits including for In-Real-World things. DeFi Benefit is also planned for the future to give Explorers access to liquidity and the potential to earn profits.

The Bali Dancer NFT is not only a smart pretty face but also a helpful one. Bali Dancer NFT holders called Explorers can improve their Bali vacation experience. A community of like-minded Explorers can give ideas and recommendations of places to visit. The concierges of Bali Dancer NFTs can then arrange bookings and benefits from a collection of curated hard-to-get-into-exclusive places. Afterward the memories can be shared end enjoyed in the exclusive Explorers community. And don’t forget the parties Bali Dancer NFT will regularly throw, exclusively for Bali Dancer NFT holders at all the hottest places in Bali.

Starting with 300 locations on Bali Island that give benefits to Explorers, the number of curated locations will increase, along with the growing community of like-minded Explorers from their own country and other countries will grow. These continuing improvements will increase the underlying value of Bali Dancer NFT.

The platform is committed to helping anyone who wants to own a Bali Dancer NFT with all its utilities, even if they don’t know about NFTs or Blockchain technologies. The NFT is a jump in the right direction in the future, ensuring people benefit from just a single digital asset.

Bali Dancer will launch on Nov.17th, 2022. You can join the Whitelist (pre-order) now by contacting us on WhatsApp: at +65 9469 5101 or email.

By joining the Whitelist, you’re guaranteed to own the NFTs before the launching date at a lower than public market price.

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About Bali Dancer NFT Project

The Bali Dancer Project started in June 2022, and the project has come a long way since the first idea of the NFT. The team involved in the project consists of professionals who are determined to make Bali Dancer NFT helpful and valuable by consistently developing using Web 3.0 features. Bali Dancer plans to launch the project during the G20 meeting, where Biden, Putin, and Xi Jinping are expected to be present in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Bali Dancer Web3

Contact Person: Mandoza



Location: Bali, Indonesia

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