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BAKAC Coin: Progressing Towards Completion of Project Ownership Refusal Procedure and Optimizing Airdrop Round 4

We, the development team of the BAKAC Coin project, deeply appreciate the active interest and participation of the user and investor community throughout this journey. Driven by valuable contributions from the community, we have made a significant decision to optimize the project’s structure.

Following the Voice Twitter event with over 8.8 hundred thousand listeners, we received a substantial amount of feedback and input from the community regarding the direction and future of BAKAC Coin. This enthusiastic interaction has provided us with a detailed insight into the desires and hopes of users and investors.

Based on this information and input, we are proud to announce that BAKAC Coin will complete the project ownership refusal procedure after the conclusion of Airdrop Round 2 and Airdrop Round 3. This decision is made with sincerity and respect for the community’s opinions.

Additionally, we would like to inform about the conversion of BAKAC coins in Airdrop Round 4 from the allocation for project holders to being added to the liquidity pool. This decision aims to optimize the liquidity of the coin and bring maximum benefits to both the user and investor community.

The benefits of this change are quite evident. Completing the project ownership refusal procedure ensures transparency and makes the coin supply clearer. Converting coins into the liquidity pool facilitates coin trading, enhances liquidity, and brings substantial benefits to the community.

We highly value the community’s opinions and are committed to continuing our efforts to deliver the best value from BAKAC Coin. We sincerely thank everyone for their support and contributions.

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*About BAKAC Coin*

BAKAC Coin is a cryptocurrency project aiming to become the currency of the gambling and betting industry. Our mission is to provide a unique and engaging entertainment experience for the user and investor community.

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