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Bag an Internship in the UK By Writing a Proper CV

When applying for internships in the UK, students must provide a CV (curriculum vitae) that includes their academic history, job experience (if any), and other information. Interviewers scrutinize each résumé and assess the candidate’s skills, talents, and intellect.

A good resume format for the UK must adhere to the proper technique and style in order to highlight your strengths. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the CV should be formatted in such a way that it conveys your eagerness to work hard and be resilient to face  challenges.

UK CV Format Structure 

Several standards must be met by your CV. The most important thing is that you realize your accomplishments and skills. Don’t think of it as a technical paper with bulleted points stitched together to demonstrate that you have a 3.7 CGPA in your studies. Prepare it as if it were an extension of your personality. Furthermore, employing a template resume is not the best approach to proceed; instead, build and arrange your CV from scratch.

The following sections must be included

Personal Information/Statement 

Begin your CV with a personal statement or details section that includes your first and last name, full address, email address, date of birth, and phone number. Make sure your name and email address are both spelt correctly. It is not advisable to include your photo on your CV.

Working Knowledge 

Work experience may not be part of everyone’s academic background before enrolling in a UK college. However, if you have previously worked or have a work history, make sure to include it here.

Include information such as your work description (in one line), the name of your organization, and the length of your tenure. Even if there is no requirement for work experience, include it.

If you are having trouble designing your CV accordingly -leave it to the professional CV writing services expert.

Educational Details

Create a chronological CV, which implies that the most recent elements should come first, followed by the older ones. Begin with your most recent academic record and work your way backwards. This is a typical guideline for all types of CVs, including the Resume Format For UK: in this area, include your degree or course, the year you graduated from the institution, and the grade you received.

In the education section, you can record successes in curricular activities in addition to every degree and standard score. You can list the projects in which you have participated. Mention any projects in which you played a leadership role.

Achievements and abilities 

You might add your accomplishments, such as volunteering activities and honors and recognition you have received throughout the years, near the end of your CV profile. This helps the interviewer form a favorable impression of your character, skills, and qualities. You must also include confirmation of your English competence, such as an IELTS score, in this section.

Now that we’ve covered the layout of a UK CV, we can move on to other critical parts of constructing a competitive resume. Besides the basic format, several other factors contribute to your CV standing out from other applicants.

Volunteer Programs 

You can include your volunteer experience in addition to the parts listed above. You can include it in the Work Experience area, but be sure to indicate the volunteer role.


This area is essential if the work requires you to speak various languages. Add up the languages you know and your level of proficiency in each.

Tips for Writing a CV for U.K 

Here are some key points to consider when preparing your CV for Internship in the UK:

Configuring the CV’s Size, Headings, and Chronology

When drafting your CV, always select a formal typeface. Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, and Roboto are examples of formal fonts. The typeface should be black.

Make the headings and subheadings stand out as well 

Maintain the correct chronological order in each component. Remember about writing the most recent educational material first, followed by the prior ones? In terms of work experience and accomplishments, keep the same sequence.

Use bullet points and numbers to improve readability

While writing the CV, use British English, and the grammar must adhere to UK guidelines and rules.

What are the Don’ts you should take care while writing your CV?

Personal pronouns should never be used in a CV. Words like “I,” “We,” “Me,” “My,” and so on must be avoided.

In the CV, never utilize abbreviations or short forms for your name or personal details.

In the Resume Format For UK Internships or Jobs, avoid adopting a narrative approach.

Slang and colloquialisms should be avoided.

Avoid incorporating photographs, graphics, and other images in your CV, especially if it is an academic resume.

When writing academic information, avoid beginning each line with a date.

Mistakes to Avoid in UK Resume Format 

Spelling Errors: Even a single spelling error might build a negative picture for the admissions committee. Spelling, punctuation, and grammatical issues must be thoroughly reviewed in your resume.

A Sample CV Is Provided For You:

Missing Information: Another error to avoid is failing to collect any type of information. While email and phone numbers are important, don’t forget about other important details.

Excessive Length: The optimal length for a resume is two pages of A4 paper. Do not exceed two pages in length, as this can make it difficult for admissions committee members to scan through.

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