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Bad Ben Game Play Online Play

Bad Ben Game

Bad Ben Game Where to Play? The purpose of this article is to share with you the free H5 game website of Bad Ben Game Play Online Play and the basic guidelines of the game, hoping to help you experience Bad Ben Game.

Bad Ben Game Origin

Film director Bach shot the Bad Ben movie with his cell phone and surveillance cameras on a $300 budget at his own home on Stillmanville Road, New Jersey, which he will use as a location for future films.

Many people began to pay attention to the game from this movie, and some people played the game first. No matter what kind of person you are, here is the movie version information for you first.

Tom Riley thought he’d gotten the deal of a lifetime when he bought a home below market price at a sheriff’s auction. He poured every penny he owned into a plan to flip the house for a profit. Once he had it, however, he noticed strange things, all captured on 21 surveillance cameras installed inside and outside the home. At first, he thought someone had broken in, but he soon realized he was dealing with something paranormal.

Bad Ben Game How to Play?


The player’s goal is to witness the strange events at home, and sometimes the protagonist will talk to himself. Special events also occur during this period, such as checking for a dropped camera or restoring power to a room. Bad Ben Game uses a third-person perspective, which is extremely weird from the perspective of the game. Every time the player walks to a corner that cannot be captured by the camera, it will make people feel cold and sweat.

In short, the purpose of the player is just like the movie version, to uncover the horrible truth hidden at home.

Bad Ben Game

Operation Guide

After officially entering the game, the protagonist Tom Riley moved into a new room that he bought not long ago, and then the system will introduces the operation.

Move keys – [W][A][S][D]

Interact with in-game items – [E]

View tablet information – [TAB]

Soliloquy Mode – [F]

Bad Ben Game

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Bad Ben Game


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