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BackStreet Surveillance Explains the Importance of Audio in the Increasingly Popular Digital Camera Market

With the many recent advances in home security technology, it is even more important that home and business owners install security systems. Security cameras deter crime. According to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 83 percent of burglars check to see whether a home has security cameras or a burglar alarm. 60 percent of these criminals are deterred when they see evidence of a security system. The benefits of having security cameras clearly outweigh any possible risks. Every homeowner and business should have a robust camera system at the ready. 

While providing deterrence to would-be criminals, high-tech HD video and audio cameras can help law enforcement catch and prosecute any intruders in your home. Companies like BackStreet Surveillance are able to provide high-tech devices that will keep your home, family, or business safe at all times. 

One area of particular concern today is audio recording devices. These advanced devices are important because they can catch any suspicious noises or activity around your home. Sometimes when savvy burglars are able to escape the sight of the cameras, their sounds may help to catch them in the act. With sound included, your security videos will capture another layer of detail that may help to apprehend criminals in your home or business. 

Technically advanced home security cameras with sound capability can give you greater peace of mind. These systems compress audio to save memory space and return an excellent sound quality. This means that more data can be archived for later use. Saving security camera video and audio is important in case evidence is needed in an ongoing investigation. 

One useful aspect of today’s audio camera is that advanced models can detect unusual sounds and alert the person monitoring the system. These systems can be calibrated to detect the sounds of glass breaking, loud voices, and crashing noises, among other alerts. Having the extra layer of information means that possible false alarms (such as animal activity) can be detected without contacting law enforcement. 

Security audio can also be used to help law enforcement when they arrive to check the alarm or monitor the situation. The homeowner or security system operator can communicate directly with law enforcement using the audio feature. This enables the homeowner or operator to know exactly what is taking place on the property. 

The one pressing difficulty with the use of audio cameras is that they have more legal restrictions than video-only cameras. Many states require the permission of one or more parties to legally record audio. Be sure to thoroughly check the laws in your city, state, or country to make sure that your cameras are operating properly. 

There is nothing more important than family, and homeowners with security systems are poised to take the best possible care of their loved ones. Businesses need surveillance to deter theft as well as monitor unusual activity. 

Adding audio to your security system brings another dimension to the safety of your home or business. New cameras can record in HD for optimum image quality, and they can also capture high-quality audio to go with the images. Companies like BackStreet Surveillance are ready to help home and business owners enhance the security of their buildings.

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