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Backlinks Guide for The French Marketer

If you wonder why your competitors are always ahead of you on the web, when you are positioning yourself on the same keywords and your acquisition strategy is similar,   This article may well give you the answer. Google bases its ranking system on more than 200 criteria.  Of course,  not all of them are equally important. Among the elements analyzed by the search engine whose weight is considerable on the ranking of sites, French backlinks are very important.  The more quality you have, the more Google will give you importance.  Why?   Because you turn into a site of authority.  This means that many platforms trust your content and direct their visitors to you.  It may be for this reason that your competitors are better referenced than you.


What is a backlink?

Backlinks also called inbound links or in their exact translation “backlinks” are essential tools for SEO optimization.

These are links from third-party sites that point to a page on your site.

French backlinks are part of the big family of net linking.

There are 3 kinds of links:

Inbound: from external sites

Internal: when a site links between its pages

Outbound: from your site to another

French backlinks have a special place in the net linking family.

They are the ones who have the most value in your SEO.

These are also the hardest to obtain.

To have French backlinks, you have to know how to choose, negotiate and find them.

If you are not an SEO professional, it is not easy to get them.

Backlink Definition

Source: BackLink | Backlinks English definition

French backlinks are important because they have multiple advantages:

Drain traffic and gain  popularity

Accelerate  indexing speed

Improve your position in the SERPs

In some cases, they are an opportunity to create partnerships

So don’t underestimate their importance in SEO.


What is the influence of French backlinks on your SEO strategy?


Developing an SEO  strategy without integrating French backlinks is very risky.

Search engines give them real importance.

Among the 200  SEO criteria set up by Google, they occupy an important place.

Moreover, this criterion is also present in the rules of Google E.A.T.

Google E.A.T is a set of recommended methods to give your content visibility.

The acronym E.A.T stands for:

Expertise:  unique, informative content that provides visitors with  information or a service

Authority: a site that has French backlinks from various platforms is judged positively because its content has value

Trust: the presence of HTTPS in front of the URL is a sign of security and authenticity.

French backlinks are one of the pillars of content visibility on the web.

Of course, good content that doesn’t benefit from it may be visible, but they are the ones who will make all the difference.

Search engines believe that the more sites link to your content, the more qualitative they are.

As proof of the importance given to them, there is a direct correlation between their number and the authority score.

This score is evaluated between 0 and 100.

The more quality inbound links you have, the more it will increase.


How do I find French backlinks on my site?


But by the way, how many French backlinks lead to your website?

Here is important information to evaluate the reputation of your platform.

Several tips will let you know if sites are linking to you.

Among the tools that deliver this type of information, you can refer to your Search Console.

When you arrive at your interface, in the side menu click on “links”.

You will then see 4 blocks:

External links

Internal links

Main sites of origin

Main  anchor texts

If you do not have a Search Console for this type of search, you will find on the internet French backlinks checker.

These tools crawl your site and find the links that lead to it.

Among the best known, use Majestic.

This tool has a free formula allowing you to crawl your site and discover the links.

In addition to the source, you will find out if these links have a “do follow” or “no follow” status.

A do-follow status means that the sending site allows bots to follow the link, while a no follows status does not.

Finally, all the main SEO tools such as Semrush, Ahrefs, or Oncrawl have similar functionality.

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