Backing Crypto Winners, The Foolproof Guide To Winning In The Markets

Are you ready to dive into the cryptocurrency community and finding new projects in which to invest? At first, this process can seem a little overwhelming and you may be lost with where to begin. There is one free course online which I have found to bring superior returns and teach you the skills, strategies and principles you need to succeed in the markets. You can access the free course by Boss Crypto here. Below is a collection of some of the best places to start looking to find your next profitable investment or exciting new project.


Telegram is a hub for the global cryptocurrency community. This service will help you to tap into the dominant communication channel for all things cryptocurrency. There are a number of great and free cryptocurrency channels available to follow. It is recommended that you start by following and These two channels host discussions and debates relating to cryptocurrency and potential trends, making them a good place to start when you are searching for new projects.

Additionally, and host cryptocurrency conversations. Crypto Aquarium is a very active cryptocurrency chat which discusses trading altcoins and general cryptocurrency industry growth while CryptoPortfoli Chat focuses on cryptocurrency investing.


Quora has really stepped up as one of the best places to find answers and information around cryptocurrency investing, trading and new projects.

Marius Kramer

Marius claims to be am the uncontested No.1 writer and influencer on Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, Virtual-Currencies & all-things-blockchain on Quora worldwide. He is extremely active, has the largest following in the cryptocurrency space and generally speaking is very knowledgeable.


Make sure to follow this topic for all cryptocurrency related answers and feel free to ask your own questions as well.

Cryptocurrency Investing

Make sure to follow this topic for all cryptocurrency investing related answers and feel free to ask your own questions as well.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Make sure to follow this topic for all cryptocurrency trading related answers and feel free to ask your own questions as well.


Reddit is one of the best platforms for discussing cryptocurrencies and cryptoassets. This platform is a great way to determine community opinions on the potential of cryptocurrency projects and gain knowledge and ideas from more experienced traders. There are many cryptocurrency subreddits. We recommend you consider engaging in the following subreddits.


This subreddit provides general discussion and news related to cryptocurrency. This section does not prohibit certain discussions and instead welcomes all ideas and publications. It provides a global community discussion regarding all cryptocurrencies.


This is the most popular cryptocurrency subreddit. Proponents of bitcoin, traders and miners use this section to discuss issues related to bitcoin. This includes discussing new articles and technical issues relating to the future of cryptocurrency.  Almost any new bitcoin development is recorded and discussed on this subreddit.


This subreddit is a very popular and active section. It provides users publications and news on a number of projects related to ethereum however this page is also followed by a large number of enthusiastic altcoin investors


This subreddit provides new, opinions and discussions relating to all types of altcoins.


This section is dedicated to the trade of bitcoin. It encourages the discussion of price movements of bitcoin, different exchanges and provides information about potential new projects related to bitcoin. It provides information on how to increase your trading profits in Bitcoin.


Slack is a cloud-based set of collaboration tools and services. Slack offers direct messaging options as well as open chat rooms called channels. These channels are organised by topic and there are some great channels dedicated to cryptocurrency discussions. You can join a channel through a URL link or invitation from a team administrator.  

BitcoinMarkets Slack Channel

This slack account hosts a lot of interesting discussions from the community regarding bitcoin and altcoin price discussions and new investments and project ideas. This account has 15 public channels with the most popular being #announcements, #btc, #general and #altcoins

Coinfund Slack Channel

This slack account is an open research community for blockchain technology research. This account has a number of public channels which discuss the latest research in cryptocurrency.



Bitcointalk is a forum where you can get information straight from the creators through Bitcointalk. Here, developers will often post their ideas and announcements through theses threads and therefore this is a great way to find new projects before the wider cryptocurrency community may be aware of these new investment opportunities.

Next Step

It is important to remember that gaining information from the cryptocurrency community and developers about new investment projects can be biased towards their favoured coins or creations/ idea. Therefore it is important to do further research and analysis of these projects before investing. Two ways to ensure that your new project is likely to succeed is through looking at fundamental and technical analysis. Further discussions and guides on how what indicators to look at can be found here.

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