Baby Musk Coin Raised Over $2M During The ICO, Aims To Revolutionize The MEME Industry

Baby Musk Coin Raised Over $2M During The ICO, Aims To Revolutionize The MEME Industry

Baby Musk team is pleased to inform the community regarding achieving over $2M during the ICO sales, which team aims to use into the marketing campaign, in attempt to spread the word across.

Baby Musk’s CEO Grant Liu, fondly called “O China” by the Brazilian community, declares ‘’This Is Just The Beginning’’

On February 28th, the Baby Musk was launched on decentralized exchanges, as the price saw 100% gains within the first hour of trading. And currently is sitting at ATH.

Baby Musk Coin is currently setting up for the listing on major exchanges.

Listed on CoinMarketCap 

Baby Musk Coin is a rare project, which was listed on CoinMarketCap even before it was launched.

Baby Musk Coin Features:

  • Music Video:

Baby Musk Coin is the first and only one that launched a viral dance. It’s called Baby Musk Dance and has over 150k views on YouTube.

  • BTC Revenue:

Users can generate BTC rewards by holding Baby Musk coin in their wallet.

  • Baby Musk Index Fund:

The Baby Musk team has developed a completely decentralized index fund for cryptocurrencies: 

  • Baby Musk Swap

Baby Musk Swap attempts to simplify DeFi in order to make it accessible for new crypto enthusiasts. Each swap, stake and farm will as easy to understand as downloading an app.

  • Organic Community

Baby Musk has over 78,000 Telegram members, 50,000 Twitter followers and 300,000 YouTube Subscribers.

Baby Musk is currently trading on PancakeSwap and will get its first Centralized exchange listing in February 2022.



Telegram Group: 

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Media Details

Company Name: Baby Musk Coin

Contact Name:  BabyMuskCoin

Location: Miami, Florida 



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