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B3 Bomber Jacket: Find the Perfect Fit and Style for Your Look

Let’s talk about the origin of this overlayer

The iconic B-3 Bomber Jacket has remained an undisputed staple of American style and fashion for a generation now. Bomber and flight jackets like many other classic men’s apparel, were originally designed as highly practical workwear for military personnel. This shearling sheepskin apparel is both functional and sturdy. And this reputation of this apparel is earned by its wings in defending the brave pilots who laid the groundwork for Europe’s independence during WWII.

However, Bomber jackets and flight jackets are two phrases that may be used interchangeably to describe the identical ever-loving garment. They have a protracted history, are available in a variety of designs, and are ideal for informal put on. This former pilot’s jacket is now to be had in loads of garb materials, inclusive of wool, cotton, suede, polyester, leather, and greater. Nevertheless, the bomber has seen many variations over the years, with ribbed cuffs and hems, a front zip closure, and a fixed neckline being the most common. The traditional jacket is now available in a wide variety of designs, fits, and colors.

What do you know about Bomber Jackets?

As of nowadays the time period bomber or flight jacket refers to a set of clothing characteristics that originated with military difficulty jackets issued to employees within the first half of the twentieth century. Despite the reality that the unique B3 bomber leather jacket was constructed to maintain the wearer’s heat in extremely cold climates maximum present day bomber jackets keep a few of the equal features that made them so well known inside the first area. Leather, sheepskin, or silk are regularly used to make the jacket. The jacket is waist length, has elasticized cuffs and hem, and is closed with a zipper or buttons. For added protection, the collar can be flipped up and tied around the neck.

History of the Bomber & Flight Jacket

The flight jacket, like many other military-based uniforms, was named for its primary function. The open cockpits of planes in the early days of flight after the turn of the century made flying a cold and windy activity. Heavy insulation, tight closures around the waist, wrist, and neck, and a rugged, weather-resistant exterior were originally developed by the military to shield pilots from these conditions. Flight jackets were made of sheepskin, fur, and rugged leathers during World War I when the performance goods of the day were all-natural items.

Sheep’s wool’s crimp provides insulating air spaces, which naturally preserve the heat while wicking away excess moisture. Bomber crews relied on their B3 bomber jacket for their soft and insulating interiors as well as their rugged and durable exteriors for this safety and comfort. Even today, high-tech synthetic fibers struggle to match the incredible warmth and buttery softness that sheepskin jackets provide.

Here is why you should get this overlayer ASAP

The B-3 Bomber Jacket epitomizes the spirit of courage and determination that saw the United States assist in the liberation of an entire continent. The high-quality heft of the B-3’s sheepskin insulates the wearer from heat loss in a variety of high-impact sports as well as on cold, leisurely days, whether by high altitudes, wet snow, heavy winds, light rainfall, or blizzard weather.


Sheepskin is water-resistant by itself. Its wool fiber filaments are protected from moisture by thick, water-repellent layers. Sheepskin coats only need to gently shake and smoothe over with a gentle brush if they are being exposed to rain or snow.


Sheepskin wicks sweat away from your skin seamlessly, keeping you warm and dry in a multitude of climates. Every wool fiber’s core can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture vapor without being damp. Sheepskin is nature’s thermal-regulating substance, repelling external water and absorbing internal humidity.


One might believe that sheepskin, with its natural insulating residences, is probably too thick or warm for slight climates. Sheepskin, however, is understood for its breathability and moisture-wicking houses, which assist you preserve a regular frame temperature irrespective of the climate. The adaptability and flexibility of sheepskin will see you through the seasons from autumn to spring.


A high-quality sheepskin coat will last for decades if properly cared for, retaining its softness and form. Shearling coats from Overland are the best and most robust on the market. Customers who have had their sheepskin coats for more than 20 years are not unusual to contact us.


Sheepskin coats have been a staple of American style for decades. Sheepskin coats are very adaptable and can be dressed up or down in any situation. Sheepskin comes in a variety of trendy silhouettes with flattering lines and striking accents like tailored seams, belted waists, and fur fringe, while cumbersome down coats can be unflattering. You’ll never have to choose between design and purpose while wearing sheepskin. Rock the position of the Dazzling Dapper with a B3 bomber leather jacket!

There are a few ways to style the bomber jacket to set off sassy vibes. All B3 bomber aviator shearling leather jacket needs for this season are these fast styling tips.

 Pair it with TEE!

Yes, you heard it correctly. The resplendent design of the B3 bomber aviator Shearling jacket mens is enough to do all the talking, and overdoing the look would spoil the Jacket’s whole essence. Wearing a straightforward tee with an oval or v-neck neck. To keep the look relaxed, pair it with torn or worn-out jeans. Often, remember to comb your hair and maintain your jovial demeanor. On days when you don’t feel like putting in much effort, you can wear this look to work. This outfit is all about saving time and money while always looking stylish.

Style it with Button-Down Shirts!

Button-down shirts are by far the most popular. It has become an integral garment in everyone’s wardrobe due to the variety of ways it can be modeled. The class and grace of this jacket, on the other hand, are unmatched by any other jacket. And if you really want to go all out for this outfit, all you need is a simple button-down top.

Combine all of your favorite tops with this men’s b3 hooded bomber jacket. If your bomber jacket is orange, wear a white shirt and leave your chinos black. Wear this elegant ensemble to your lunch date with the girl you want to impress, and you’ll be sure to make an impression.

Hoodies are LOVE!

Who would refuse a hoodie? These garments were designed to meet the wishes of humans on both ends of the spectrum: comfort and fashion. These remarkable garments are all you need to wear this iciness, as they capture the spirit of the season. Combining your beloved hoodie with this exquisite wear, on the other hand, will give you the BOMB LOOK you’ve always wanted.

Wear a creamy white hoodie with blue jeans and a striking jacket to complete the ensemble. Add patent leather boots to your look for more pizzazz, and blam! You’re on the way to stealing all the women’s hearts.

Don the look with a Sweater!

It’s fine if you don’t want to experiment with your own personal style. This is for you if you don’t want to mix it up with your clothes and prefer to stick to one theme. Sweatshirts are everyone’s favorite because of their attractive appearance and cozy feel. Wearing a sweatshirt over this sensitive outfit will no longer most effectively deliver out the excellence of your Jacket but can even preserve you snug with the extent of heat it offers.

If you need to attend an event in style while not having to try on many dresses, you’ve come to the right spot. You’ll win the game by becoming the most beautiful guy in the room in case you pair this unique Jacket with your preferred hoodie.

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