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B2Broker’s B2Trader Update Comes With Stop Orders

B2Broker's B2Trader Stop Orders

B2Broker, the leading provider of liquidity, technology, and brokerage solutions for the foreign exchange and cryptocurrency markets, released an update to its main product, B2Trader. The new update introduces stop orders capabilities to the platform, allowing clients’ users to enter and exit positions more easily and efficiently. This will provide end-users with greater flexibility and control over their trading. As a powerful and versatile tool for traders, the new feature will make B2Trader an even more attractive solution for existing and new clients.

Stop Orders Are Here

The B2Trader matching engine

The B2Trader matching engine now offers the ability for brokers to provide stop orders for their clients, including stop market and stop limit orders. The new stop order feature gives traders a greater level of control over their trades, as it is available for any assets and in every package solution.

Stop market orders enable traders to limit losses or take profits when the market starts working against them. Stop limit orders are used to enter the market at a certain price or leave the market once it reaches a particular level. Both kinds of orders may be placed as pending orders, which go into effect when the market moves to reach the stated price.

Stop limit orders are placed with two prices: 

  • The stop price is the price that will trigger the order;
  • The limit price is the highest or lowest price at which a trade can be executed.

If the stop price is triggered, the order will be turned into a limit order. This means that your order can only be filled if the market price is within the range of the limit price.

Traders can now place stop orders directly from the order entry screen on B2Trader by using either the purchase or sale buttons. Also, charting interfaces offer direct stop-order placement.

B2Broker Stop Orders

Bottom Line

B2Broker strives to offer its clients the best products and services possible, and in order to achieve that, they work hard to get better every day. This new stop orders feature will certainly allow brokers to become more successful with their businesses through B2Trader. Also, the B2Trader application will receive new updates in the near future, making it even more useful and relevant for both traders and brokers.

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