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B2BinPay Expands Its Payment Solutions With a New v17 Update

B2BinPay Expands Its Payment Solutions With a New v17 Update

B2BinPay launched a new v17 update, promoting seamless cryptocurrency transactions and improving your experience in the crypto world. B2BinPay is a reliable facilitator for merchants and enterprises that want to send or receive cryptocurrencies worldwide. Partner companies rely on B2BinPay for its smooth integration and simplified user interface, allowing companies to join the thriving crypto market.

The new iteration taps into new functions and features that meet every business need while expanding current capabilities and enhancing user experience.

Expanding Settlement Options With EURC and TUSD

B2BinPay provides settlement options for merchants in currencies that are more secure in light of the highly volatile market. These settlement options include BTC, USDT, USDC, USD, and EUR.

However, the new v17 update added Euro Coin and TrueUSD after acknowledging the rising demand for more stablecoins and diverse options. The new settlement options can be used alongside several token standards, such as ERC20, BEP20, and TRC20. Thus, merchants will have more flexible options to conduct business transactions.

Merchants can now enjoy a broader range of payment solutions, including 25 tokens, 14 coins, and 14 stablecoins that are settled with the seven settlement options.

EUROC is a stablecoin pegged to the Euro and established by the same founders of USDC, Circle. This coin quickly became one of the largest stablecoins and among the top 18 stablecoins, which makes it a reliable payment option for entities in the Eurozone.

More Currency Options for Enterprise Clients.

More Currency Options for Enterprise Clients

B2BinPay offers an enterprise blockchain wallet solution, which provides a broad ecosystem for corporations that deal only with cryptocurrencies and keep their assets in the same cryptos.

The new v17 update enhances the token support for enterprises, with 113 new tokens and 14 stablecoins using 14 blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, and more.

Revamped Pricing Model

Revamped Pricing Model

The new iteration of the B2BinPay v17 updated the pricing model for partner companies. 

Merchants can now enjoy decreased commissions from 0.5% to 0.4%, besides the new setup cost of $500. The new update also adds new commission tires starting from 0.25%, providing more flexible options for partner companies. 

On the other hand, for the enterprise blockchain wallets, the setup cost has been reduced from $1,500 to $1,000, which now includes deploying smart contracts in blockchains like Ethereum, Binance, and TRON, and more wallets like Stellar, Ripple, and Binance Coin.

Also, the new v17 update introduces a comprehensive pricing system with no hidden activation fees and new commission categories ranging from 0.4% down to 0.05%.


Redesigned User Interface and Experience

Redesigned User Interface and Experience

Users can now find more filters in the Rates Tab to select currencies, search by alphabetical order, and utilise a favourite section. This enhancement makes decision-making and navigation smoother.  The new interface now includes guides and explanations to onboard new users, allowing them to navigate the website more quickly.

Redesigned User Interface and Experience

Moreover, the fees are more transparent now, and users can see transaction fees in their default currencies with the option to change the fee amount.

Redesigned User Interface and Experience

Exploring New Functionalities

The new v17 iteration comes with improvements to the features and functions, such as the dropdown menus, grouping options by currency and activity status, and search functions. Merchants can now remove the 7-day expiration date on the invoices and activate email notifications to create reports. Also, users can now easily remove wallets that have zero balances and deposits by clicking on the “Delete Wallet” button.

Exploring New Functionalities

Enterprise users will be able to explore wallet sorting according to currency and ID and new QR codes, which include the token symbol above the generated QR code. Users can now add or remove IPs from the IP whitelist after a password verification.

An Improved Customer Support Streamline

The customer support portal, Helpdesk, now shows a real-time notification with a number that shows new messages in the support ticket. This update helps users find new messages and makes getting support seamless.

An Improved Customer Support Streamline

Final Thoughts

The new B2BinPay v17 update is a comprehensive improvement for the website and the user experience, making it more functional and valuable for all users, with ongoing efforts to develop v18 and v19 to introduce additional updates and enhancements that meet contemporary industrial demands.

B2BinPay is an official sponsor of the popular Atheltic Club during the 2023/24 Spanish La Liga campaign, empowering crypto solutions in diverse industries, besides the recent cooperation with Ledger to introduce Nano X wallet, exclusively customised wallets for new and established clients.

With launching the new v17 update, these announcements crowned the endless endeavours and efforts to improve crypto payment solutions and customer experience.

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