AZUR is the Leading Hi-tech Ecosystem in the Americas – Here’s Why

AZUR Hi-tech Ecosystem

The Anguilla Special Economic Zone, known as AZUR SEZ, is officially open for business. AZUR SEZ offers a stunning workplace community with access to unparalleled business services and infrastructure, as well as exciting monetary benefits for businesses.

Here, we’ll explore a little bit more about AZUR SEZ and what it could mean for your organization.

Key Benefits of AZUR SEZ in Anguilla

Special Economic Zones are designed to have separate business and trade laws from the rest of the country. They typically provide tax concessions and other benefits to businesses to encourage economic activity, innovation, and local job growth. 

Globally, SEZs account for over US$1.3 trillion of direct, trade-related value added per annum and around 93 million direct jobs.

AZUR SEZ, located in the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla and launched by Chord Group, offers some of the most promising benefits for businesses of any SEZ in the world. Businesses located within the AZUR SEZ enjoy zero income, corporate, or value-added taxes, zero import and export duties, and 100% capital repatriation.

The SEZ is designed for 100% foreign ownership, presenting the perfect opportunity for companies overseas to flourish. Even at this early stage, AZUR has seen no shortage of interest, with four influential companies already signed up and ready to go in Ark, MSEZ, Hover Tech, and Hover Trust.

Speaking on those partnerships, Jason Blick, Chairman of The Chord Group commented that “the early partnerships are just the beginning.”

“As the world slowly emerges from COVID we’ll see special economic zones, similar to the likes of Dubai with their Virtual City Special Economic Zone, take center stage, and there’s no reason why AZUR SEZ and Anguilla can’t be leading the discussion.”

“Already we’ve welcomed Ark Technologies Group, the Metaverse Special Economic Zone, Hover Tech, and Hover Trust to AZUR, and there will be many more to follow.”

Staff employed by Companies in the AZUR SEZ can also enjoy residence rights in Anguilla. An AZUR SEZ licensed Company is guaranteed banking services from EQIBank (with due diligence), and access to the AZUR Trade trading platform.

Commenting on the Anguilla SEZ, Dr. Ellis Webster, Premier of Anguilla said “we are pleased to implement the Anguilla Special Economic Zone Act.  Anguilla is delighted to welcome the first tranche of companies to the island and expects that a great many more will be joining them in the next few months and years. They will benefit from an attractive range of incentives and substantive Government support. We are excited to work with the Chord Group as the exclusive developer on this mutually beneficial endeavor.”

Leveraging AZUR Trade for Growth

With access to the AZUR Trade platform, businesses located in the AZUR SEZ will be able to trade with over 3,000 Special Economic Zones across the world. This enables companies to connect directly to others for B2B transactions without the costs of a broker or another type of middleman.

AZUR Trade’s B2B platform provides multiple trading mechanisms, including fixed-price listing, sealed bid tender, and auction. It enables users to trade using multiple currencies with real-time conversions, and it can be used conveniently on a smartphone or tablet.

A Living and Working Integrated Community

Finally, AZUR SEZ isn’t just an ideal place to locate an organization due to its tax incentives and trading opportunities. It will also offer a living, breathing economic hub that integrates work and lifestyle.

The SEZ is designed as the leading hi-tech ecosystem in the Americas and is the only technology park in the region that will include workspaces, living spaces, infrastructure, and lifestyle accommodations. This gives companies an unprecedented opportunity to locate staff in beautiful Anguilla or to hire locally.

The mission of AZUR SEZ is to build inclusive global and local communities while enabling business growth for both members and the surrounding island of Anguilla. As the largest tech entrepreneur in the region, AZUR is specially designed for tech startups, providing an ideal environment for them to establish themselves and scale. 

Mr. Brent Davis, the Chairman of the Anguilla Special Economic Zone Authority commented that “the Authority was set up to facilitate the creation of companies within the Zone; from client application to receiving approval, we are very satisfied with how the process has gone so far. We look forward to a long relationship with these Companies who will bring substantial investments to the island whilst enjoying the incentives and lifestyle.”

Establish Your Business at the Anguilla SEZ

Anguilla’s SEZ is a low-cost business location that offers unparalleled services and benefits to companies from anywhere in the world. It presents important economic benefits for the people of Anguilla and represents an exceptional opportunity for businesses. 

If you’re ready to take advantage of AZUR SEZ, you can apply to set up your business easily online.

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