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AXA Climate Joins as Gold Sponsor for the Future Sustainability Forum

Dubai, 4th October 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, AXA Climate, a prominent voice in promoting sustainable practices and environmental responsibility, becomes part of the Future Sustainability Forum, organised by Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), as a gold sponsor taking place in Dubai on October 4-5.

AXA Climate will host pivotal discussions and presentations regarding the profound influence of sustainable solutions in the regions at the forum. With UAE set to host the COP28 summit from 30th November to 12th December 2023, this forum presents the world an opportunity to help bolster climate financing and implementation of sustainable solutions.

Global sustainability visionaries and innovators unite to exchange their insights and actionable strategies.

In recent years, the financial sector has seen a massive push towards unlocking sustainability-linked financial instruments and incorporating ESG consideration into their business practices building the foundation for a climate-resilient future. AXA Climate with its unique approach focusing on transitioning extractive companies into regenerative companies and its training and consulting services is driving agri-food, industrial and public sector companies to adapt to the evolving global climatic environment.

“We are excited to be part of the Future Sustainability Forum, which underscores AXA Climate’s commitment to addressing the challenges related to climate change and sustainability,” said Rushil Agarwal, Market Lead – India & Middle East AXA Climate “Sustainability has become a top priority for organizations in the region. The government and the finance sector have announced a profusion of investments to fund green projects and innovations, and with COP28, there is a renewed sense of urgency on climate action. Like any other transformation, its success hinges on organizations’ ability to cultivate a workforce capable of implementing and driving ESG in the region.”

During the Future Sustainability Forum, AXA Climate will actively participate in discussions, share its expertise, and contribute to the dialogue on pressing sustainability issues. The company is eager to foster partnerships and explore new avenues for collaboration.
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About AXA Climate

AXA Climate is taking bold strides in the battle against climate change and environmental degradation. Beyond merely reducing its own negative impact on the planet, the organization is dedicated to driving the regeneration of companies across industries. This forward-looking approach is commendable, as it recognizes that sustainability efforts must go beyond mitigation to actively restore and improve our relationship with the environment.

One of AXA Climate’s flagship initiatives is the Climate School, offering more than 40 hours of digital training content on climate change challenges. This initiative is a valuable resource for companies, public institutions, and educational organizations looking to equip their employees with the knowledge and tools necessary for addressing climate-related issues. With over 130 organizations already onboard, the Climate School has reached over 4 million individuals worldwide, empowering them to become agents of positive change.

Moreover, AXA Climate’s consulting services extend its impact into the agri-food, industrial, financial, and public sectors. By helping these sectors adapt to climate and environmental changes while fostering positive interactions with the planet, AXA Climate is driving systemic change toward a more sustainable future. In a world where environmental challenges are paramount, AXA Climate’s holistic approach offers a ray of hope and practical solutions.

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