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There is no need to state the importance of cloud computing here. I will talk about two trends in combination with my findings in the industry. At present, project outsourcing and agile development have become more and more common, which is an obvious industry trend. Cloud computing and these two trends naturally have strong adaptability. The low code and high trusteeship of cloud computing make it possible for the rapid development and delivery of IT projects without a large number of operation and maintenance personnel.                   

As the leader of global cloud computing, AWS provides the following certifications, among which architect has always been one of the most popular certificates. It is generally recommended that those who want to take architect certification exam should start at the associate level, that is the AWS SAA certificate exam cciedump.spoto.net/aws-certification.php. It should be noted that from the second half of 2020, the examination subjects certified by AWS Solution Architect Associate have changed from SAA-C01 to SAA-C02.

It is not that the more reference materials, the better. Here the SPOTO sorts out seven necessary materials for the exam. It costs time and energy so if you think this article helps, please give us a like.

Official reference books

Official sample questions

Official exam readiness

Online class

White paper


Mock exam papers[<a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/aws-certified-solutions-architect-saa-c03.php”>aws saa c03 dumps</a>]

1. Official reference book: the latest official reference book is the third edition published in 2020. Note that the examination subject in the title is SAA-C02


2. The official sample questions are all single-choice and multiple-choice questions. Read the sample questions before formal review and know the test contents well.


3. The two-hour minimalist introductory course officially provided by Exam Readiness can be quickly learned first.


4. Online course Udemy has an online course for this exam, with a total length of 25 hours, which can be purchased at a discount.

This online course explains the concept, principle and practical operation of each component in great detail. If you are pure beginners, it will be faster to get started by watching the online course. The author uses this video to get started.


5. The white paper is also a review material recommended by the official. The content is very comprehensive and can be read selectively.


Among them, the most recommended ones are the perfect architecture and five pillars of AWS:


It is divided into six parts, including the overview of Framework and the five pillars of Operational Excellence Pillar, Security Pillar, Reliability Pillar, Performance Efficiency Pillar, Cost Optimization Pillar.

In addition to the theoretical introduction, the official of each chapter carefully provides the lab page, in which the practical operation links of step-by-step detailed steps are written. Users can register their own account and use free tier to deepen their impression.

6. FAQ

The official FAQ records the common problems of all AWS components, which can easily become an examination point. Select important components to read, such as EC2, VPC, S3, etc.


7. Mock exam papers are for obtaining the real feeling of the simulation test and cultivate self-confidence. it is recommended to buy several sets of mock exam papers to practice. You can buy six sets of mock exam papers on Udemy.



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