Awareness for a new breed of energy technology

Awareness for a new breed of energy technology

The worldwide demand for electricity is growing rapidly due to the ever growing human population, electrification of industrial tools and expanding National Grid networks that provides electricity to new regions of the world. The global effort to reduce the use of fossil fuel technology and vehicles in replacement for electric, is critical to reduce greenhouse gases and address climate concerns.
As the worlds demand for electricity is increasing, it is essential that we find new methods to generate electricity. Active Kinetic 1 is emerging as a new energy technology capable of harvesting clean energy by utilising motion and the movement of natural resources such as wind, and ocean waves to generate clean electricity.

The technology is in its early stages of development, however the new induction technique has proven to be groundbreaking in capturing energy from human movement, to sea waves and conserving energy from moving vehicles.

The innovative technology is a new type of induction process that replaces the traditional rotational generators with a highly efficient pendulum method using oscillation to produce an alternating current.

The technology conserves kinetic energy that is often wasted and converts the mechanical energy to produce electrical energy. Solar is an ideal renewable solution that can work alongside the motion energy technology to make use of the existing battery stored and adds further value to a solar battery system.

Unlike fossil fuels, which will deplete and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, Active Kinetic 1 energy harvesting technology relies on the continuous and sustainable flow of kinetic energy sources of movement that are renewable and perpetually available in our environment such as vehicle movement, people traffic, oceanic waves and wind to supply energy.

Ocean waves, if effectively harnessed and converted into usable electrical energy, could theoretically provide more sustained and renewable energy in the long term compared to the finite availability of fossil fuels. Active Kinetic 1’s technological advancements, economic feasibility, low environmental impacts, and infrastructure will be a major development for a future powered by renewable energy.

Oceanic wave energy is a virtually untapped free energy supply. The limitation for renewables is the technology and not the supply of energy. Active Kinetic 1 technology is extremely durable and would continue to generate electricity for several decades, effectively providing ”free electricity” for multiple generations that can be used to provide more electrical energy than we currently consume.

In September 2023 Active Kinetic 1 technology was invited to make an exclusive debut at the renowned Techspo show in London, where industry professionals were amazed to see the energy technology for the first time in history.

Keep a close eye on this potential investment opportunity, Active Kinetic 1 have already started to develop key partners and gain funding, so they may be an exponential investment to track.

Overall, Active kinetic energy harvesting offers a green and sustainable alternative to traditional energy sources by capitalizing on the natural motion and movement in our environment. It reduces reliance on fossil fuels, lowers emissions, enhances energy efficiency, and promotes localized and distributed energy generation, contributing to a greener and more environmentally friendly energy landscape.

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