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Award: Braxton Yoeman – Top Business Consultant Recognized for Client Results During Pandemic


Renowned business consultant Braxton Yoeman has recently been recognized for providing top quality business coaching services to clients and continuing to help them prosper during the pandemic and the tough business conditions that came with it.

As an expert in various fields with specialties in online business consulting and digital business solutions, Braxton has been working for years as a consultant that works directly with business owners to help them grow their business, reach more customers, and learn business know-how that usually comes from years of experience in a quick timeframe. He has helped many business owners and professionals succeed by focusing on teaching repeatable processes that can be used as a foundation to scale up workflow and maintain business growth.

Due to the success, many have had working with Braxton, his clients are quite satisfied and a considerable amount of his business comes from word of mouth and direct referrals. With his unfaltering commitment, diligence, and enthusiasm towards his clients’ well-being and business success, Braxton Yoeman is deserving of the recognition he has received from top universities and the business community. As a specialist in online business and digital business solutions, Braxton has decided to share some of his thoughts on what helped him and his clients manage to not only maintain business operations during the pandemic but thrive in those challenging circumstances.

A large part of the challenges for many businesses, during especially the earlier stages of the pandemic, was how to keep business operations going in the face of mandated business closures, reduced customer turnout, and increased regulations on operating procedures. Braxton notes that in response to these conditions spurred on by the pandemic, tens of thousands of new online businesses were established during the lockdown periods and that the demand for online business is set to increase in the future. By one estimate, E-commerce business in the USA went up more than 9% from about $194 billion to $211 billion in just the first half of 2021 compared to 2020 in spite of the fact that many more physical stores were back to being fully operational.

A large part of the reason for this is that once the consumers started going online for more of their products and services, the habits stuck around and they stayed online. While e-commerce had been growing steadily over the past decade, many people found themselves needing to go online for many more reasons and it was where businesses needed to be if they wanted to interact with customers.

In these kinds of circumstances, it is very important for business owners to recognize the trends and opportunities and head in the right direction. This is why over the past couple of years, Braxton Yoeman has doubled down on his recommendations that businesses go digital and advised all of his clients to make a sharp turn in that direction. Even now, Braxton still recommends that even more traditional businesses that are tied to a fixed location or work with strictly physical products or services develop some kind of online presence and digital marketing strategy. He also advises that it not be something done on the side as an afterthought, but to actually commit some resources so that a business’s online presence looks just as professional as any store. For most businesses, it is in fact quite difficult to over commit to online operations and that investments in digital businesses will often result in large returns as long as they are done right.

Thanks to his consultations and recommendations, many of Braxton Yoeman’s clients have begun to pay much more attention to digital entrepreneurship and have been able to see significant results. It has now become a fact of business life that digitalization is critical to the success of any business but especially for small- and medium-size businesses that are more susceptible to downturns in business. Digital businesses allow for continuous operations, create opportunities to market to new potential customers, and create a space with which to interact with customers regardless of the distance. These not only exist as a hedge against downturns in business, but also create new revenue streams that can keep a business operating and growing. For those who may be unfamiliar with how to set up, develop, and foster an online presence, a large part of Braxton’s work is to help establish these with businesses so that they can take part in the ever-growing e-commerce markets.

Asides from these kinds of recommendations and business assistance, Braxton has also been helping his clients reorient their thinking and attitudes so as to be more ready for the future and the unexpected. He helps clients learn to be resilient through these difficult times by teaching them to embrace an adaptive mindset, rethink traditional ways of doing business, and be ready to pivot to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers. While larger economic events such as recessions, large trade wars, or pandemics happen less frequently, markets and consumer habits can change on a whim but these attitudes prepare business owners for all of this.

By working with Braxton Yoeman, clients can learn these and other skills to help them be incredibly resilient to any future disruptions and succeed where others might fail.

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