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How to Avoid Wasting Your money and Time in Blogging

Everyone says you should be blogging – but the real question is “Why?” Maybe you don’t like writing, and the thought of having to come up with 500-word posts on a regular basis is, well, somewhat unfathomable.

It’s much easier doing something when you understand the real purpose behind it. So if you use postcards, and mail 2500 out every month, you understand the process and why it works. But if you don’t understand the overall process behind blogging, why do it? Why waste your time when you and your office staff are the only one’s reading?

“Blogging is more fruitful if you are using it to promote a life-changing cause, your business, products or services.”

Blogging helps your business in these 5 ways:

1) It puts quality information out in the online world that people will find and connect to. A few weeks ago I wrote an article Recession Proof Your Small Business. It touched quite a few nerves, and it soon was linked up with several other popular blogs. Now my content is being read not just by people on my blog, but also on many others. And ultimately it brings the traffic back to me.

2) It proves your expertise. Let’s say someone finds my article from #1 on another site and follows the link over to my blog. They read my complete article on Recession Proof Your Small Business, and then they start looking around. The more they read, the more they begin to trust what I have to say. I’m now a blogging expert in their eyes. (But only if I have enough information for them to browse through and prove it in their eyes.)

3) It feeds your social networking sites. Head over to Facebook (or one of the many other social sites). You can attach your blog feed to your Facebook profile – which means each blog post is being put in front of all of your friends and connections. And this happens automatically. google results

4) It allows you to easily capture long tail keywords. Let’s say you have a phrase that people use quite a bit in your industry, and you would love to rank in the top 10. With a blog – it’s easy. A month ago I created a blog post “Micro Blogging By Email”. I’m currently number 3 out of 1,710,000 results in Google.

5) It gives you a place to do business. Have a new product? Blog about it. Have resources to share with your clients? Blog about it. Blogging gives you a way to stay in touch with your customers – for virtually no cost.

All you really need is a blogging strategy. Start with a custom designed blog. Then create your blogging strategy. The rest will soon fall into place. However, when your blog starts growing, you will need to work hard to maintain and manage it so it can give you what you want.

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