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Avi Itzcovich sold Original Gene and became a real estate investor

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Established in 2017 by Avi Itzcovich, Original Gene has emerged as a leading private genomics and biotechnology firm, revolutionizing the personal genetic testing landscape. This innovative company garnered attention for its direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing services. Customers utilized a simple, saliva-based testing kit, processed in specialized laboratories, to gain insights into their genetic makeup.

Pioneering Saliva-Based Genetic Testing Original Gene’s saliva testing technique was a cornerstone of its services, offering screenings for a multitude of conditions such as Cushing’s disease, anovulation, HIV, cancer, parasites, hypogonadism, and allergies. This was achieved through sophisticated SNP genotyping (single nucleotide polymorphism genotyping). Original Gene skillfully generated detailed reports, providing customers with valuable information regarding their ancestry and genetic predispositions to various health issues.


Leveraging Scientific Breakthroughs

The company’s success was significantly bolstered by major advancements in genetic science. The Original Gene effectively harnessed these breakthroughs, unlocking the myriad secrets hidden within human DNA and bringing a new level of personal health understanding to the public.

The Founding Story of Original Gene

Original Gene’s journey began with a visionary idea from Itzcovich’s friend, an esteemed Israeli DNA diagnostics specialist. Transitioning from a background in sales and marketing to this new venture, Itzcovich embraced this innovative direction, propelling his career forward.

Itzcovich’s Strategic Leadership

Itzcovich leveraged his extensive sales and marketing expertise to drive Original Gene’s customer acquisition and sales. His friend- now an associate, played a crucial role in the scientific development of the company. This combination of sales acumen and scientific innovation laid the foundation for Original Gene’s success.

Original Gene’s Unique Contribution to DNA Testing

Original Gene stood out in the genomics field by making DNA testing widely accessible. Prior to its intervention, DNA testing was predominantly confined to well-funded laboratories due to the high cost of equipment.

Democratizing DNA Testing Original Gene’s technological advancements transformed the DNA testing landscape. The company introduced cost-effective, efficient methods by focusing on relevant DNA segments rather than analyzing the entire DNA helix. This approach made high-quality DNA testing affordable and accessible to the general public.

The Sale of Original Gene and Itzcovich’s New Ventures In early 2021, Original Gene’s success culminated in its acquisition by a major multinational science and technology group for several hundred million euros. This sale not only underscored the company’s innovative contributions but also marked a new chapter for Avi Itzcovich.

Transition to Real Estate Industry Parallel to the establishment of Original Gene, Itzcovich had his sights set on the real estate industry. His investments in commercial and residential properties across Europe and the Middle East quickly established him as a prominent figure in this sector. Utilizing his sales expertise, Itzcovich adeptly navigated the competitive real estate market.

Itzcovich’s Real Estate Success The liquidity generated from the sale of Original Gene enabled Itzcovich to make significant strides in real estate. His portfolio has since expanded exponentially.

Itzcovich’s Entrepreneurial Journey: Salesman to Industry Innovator
Itzcovich’s transition from a founder to a real estate mogul exemplifies his deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer needs. His journey from a sales background to leading multiple industries highlights his adaptability and lifelong learning approach.

A Testament to Versatile Entrepreneurship
Itzcovich’s ability to thrive in industries driven by relationships and market fluctuations demonstrates his unique entrepreneurial spirit. His journey is a testament to his versatility and keen insight into evolving market needs, ensuring his continued success in various sectors.


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