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Enzo Zelocchi Will Be Able to Give Namor the Sub-Mariner a Seductive New Edge

Enzo Zelocchi

As full distribution rights for the fan-favorite character of Namor the Sub-Mariner return home to Marvel after a 15-year hiatus in the hands of Universal Studios, a huge online buzz is building around rumors of the potential for a full feature movie focused on the enigmatic underwater ruler and potential casting for the powerful and edgy anti-hero.

Everyone loves an antagonistic leading man, and there can be no doubt that Namor is the original bad boy of the Marvel Universe, having served as both friend and foe to fellow characters ever since his inception, all the way back at the birth of the franchise in 1939.

This leaves epic potential for the crafting of a new, live-action iteration of the Sub-Mariner that provides both depth of character and the ultimate thirst trap for excited movie viewers.  The right actor is sure to provide a sizzling and magnetic draw for audiences, and few potential candidates offer greater promise than Hollywood actor and social media super-star Enzo Zelocchi.

Will Actor Enzo Zelocchi Soon Get His Teeth into the Complexities of Namor the Sub-Mariner?

While some of the Marvel Universe’s most popular superheroes offer audiences only squeaky-clean sensibilities, Namor is instead among its more complicated and contradictory characters, alongside the ever-popular and masterfully captured Magento and Venom.

Having cast popular heartthrobs Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Hardy in these two roles, Marvel Studios clearly understands that their darker characters offer a powerful opportunity to seduce an emotionally invested audience!

King Namor is not only “Marvels First and Mightiest Mutant,” according to the 1990s comic book series Namor the Sub-Mariner, but also a multi-faceted personality, with a lust for vengeance but also a passion for protecting his people and pursuing his current cause. After resisting recruitment to the X-Men in 1964’s X-Men #6, it is only logical that Namor’s story should stand alone, warranting his very own feature film at the first opportunity.

Enzo Zelocchi

Will President of Marvel Kevin Feige Make Enzo Zelocchi His Next Leading Man?

Of course, with some of Marvel’s storylines enjoying the longer-form potential afforded by streaming, we can’t rule out the possibility that the Sub-Mariner may next arrive on our screens while traversing through a gripping television series. Could the Sub-Mariner stand alongside She-Hulk and Loki, landing on Disney+ instead of in cinemas?

Whether we soon meet the Sub-Mariner on the big or small screen, we can only hope that the next iteration of the provocative and potent character will be placed firmly under the spotlight and played by an actor capable of capturing the seductive nuances of Namor.

With hundreds of movie awards under his belt and a track record of playing emotionally charged characters in projects such as John in No War and Gabriel in Angels Apocalypse, Enzo Zelocchi seems abundantly qualified to step into the mighty sub-aquatic shoes of King Namor. Here’s hoping we won’t have to wait much longer to see if this inspiring casting choice becomes a reality!

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