Automotive Technology Degrees Provides Hands-On Training To Start A Business

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Environmental testing is defined as the controlled removal of pollutants from a product, typically water or air. In the testing of auto products, the process also determines whether or not the product’s overall quality meets or exceeds OEM or after-market safety standards. Auto Technology continually seeks to provide customers with the highest quality products in the testing arena while meeting all regulatory requirements. Our testing facilities are located throughout the United States and are constantly upgrading and adding new state-of-the-art equipment to our fleet.

Auto Technology’s diagnostic equipment provides customers with accurate diagnostics and repair capabilities to their industrial customers. We offer a full range of diagnostic equipment and diagnostic tools for everything you need to tune, paint, and inspect your vehicle’s mechanical systems. All Automotive Technology products are engineered for maximum reliability and perform at the highest level, leaving nothing on the OEM or after-market floor. For repeatable, reliable, and cost effective performance, our repair technicians use only original equipment and original components in all of our customer shops and repair centers.

The testing facility at our facility is constantly upgraded with new diagnostic equipment and testing methods to bring customers the most precise results possible. Automotive technician training involves both classroom instruction and real field practice. Our goal is to provide the best service and top-notch technology to our automotive technicians and customers. Every auto technician must be proficient in both indoor and outdoor navigation, diagnostic techniques, fuel system diagnostics, engine repair and maintenance, power train diagnostics, computer diagnostics, and emission testing. All automotive technician training programs include a comprehensive curriculum designed by a team of industry recognized education specialists.

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Auto technicians learn how to perform a wide range of tasks that are specific to each car model and make, including all aspects of vehicle manufacturing and design, performance, troubleshooting, and maintenance. Automotive service manager jobs require skill, knowledge, and the ability to effectively communicate with customers. Service manager duties can vary from small shop location to large factory locations. Automotive service manager jobs usually require a background in mechanical engineering, computer science, and/or a related field. Automotive service manager jobs also require a great deal of management skills, and often times, a degree in management.

An auto technology program is very beneficial to automotive technicians who wish to become full-fledged dealerships. By taking the Auto Technology program students are able to acquire the skills and abilities required to market their shop offering superior customer service, technical expertise, and overall product quality. Once a technician graduates from an auto technology program, they will have the tools, knowledge, and skills to effectively market themselves as a full-fledged dealership. There are many different types of dealership that can be created with the skills, knowledge, and talent developed through an auto technology program.

Auto dealerships can offer competitive wages and benefits, but for automotive technicians who wish to run their own business they must have a strong sales and marketing position. Sales and marketing positions are extremely in-demand throughout the automotive industry due to the ongoing recession, and the need for qualified technicians to support these customers. Automotive technicians who want to start their own business but lack a formal education may choose to enroll in a general mechanic training program. A general mechanic training program will teach automotive technicians the skills needed to properly diagnose, repair, and maintain a variety of different automotive systems.

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