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Automotive Heat Shield Market Supply-Demand Analysis

Call to keep Heat in Check to drive the Automotive Heat Shield Market

The automotive heat shield, by curtailing the “intake temperature”, does reduce beneath bonnet temperatures. There are insulating wraps used to prevent engine components from radiation. The heat thus gets deflected away from affected areas by using heat shields. Persistence Market Research has walked through these facts with probable calls to action in its latest market study entitled “Automotive Heat Shield Market”.

How is the Automotive Heat Shield Market categorized?

The global automotive heat shield market, by type of product, spans single shell, double shell, and sandwich. By application, it’s under the chassis, under the bonnet, engine compartment, exhaust system, and turbocharger. BY sales channel, it’s OEM and aftermarket. By material, it’s metallic and non-metallic. By type of vehicle, it’s HCV, LCV, and passenger car. Persistence Market Research has entailed these facts with future perspectives in its latest market study entitled “Automotive Heat Shield Market”.

Region-wise Analysis

The Asia-Pacific dominates the automotive heat shield market. It holds more than 30% of the market share. This could be attributed to the fact that the region does generate an explicit demand for HCVs and LCVs for providing proper logistical services to the fast-growing industrial sector. Also, the e-commerce sector has moved constructively, thereby generating a noteworthy demand for commercial vehicles. This, in turn, increases demand for automotive heat shields.

Coming to Europe, strict norms regarding vehicular emission are being adopted, which has urged the key players in automotive to go for lightweight alloys like Al-Mg to produce heat shield materials. North America is expected to grow on the grounds of an ever-increasing demand for fuel-efficient and lightweight vehicles. Persistence Market Research has mentioned these developments with insights in its latest market study entitled “Automotive Heat Shield Market”.

Competitive Landscape

Persistence Market Research has profiled the key participants in the automotive heat shield market as Federal-Mogul Corporation, Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG, Dana Holding Corporation, Talbros Automotive Components Ltd., ElringKlinger AG, Sumitomo Riko Company Ltd., Lydall Inc., Morgan Advanced Materials Plc, Autoneum Holding AG, Carcoustyics International GmbH, Datsons Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd., J&S GmbH, ACS Industries, Inc., Happich GmbH, Heat Shield Products, Inc., HKO Isolier-und Textilechnik GmbH, Isolite GmbH, Fitwel Gasket Company (India) Pvt. Ltd., Thermo-Tec Automotive Products Inc., TKG Automotive, and likewise.

Persistence Market Research has also moved ahead with mentioning the key developments on this count. For instance – Morgan Advanced Materials, in August 2019, did develop “Superwool XTRA”, a fresh lining, low-bio determined fiber, which does meet stern environmental requirements like developing resistance against pollution and acceptance of high—temperatures. Lyndall Inc., in April 2019, did acquire Hollingsworth & Vose Company’s business in gasket materials, to expand its presence all through the global gasket material market.

The further courses of development enlisted by Persistence Market Research are – Dana Inc., in January 2020, did announce collaborating with Peterbilt Motor Company to facilitate the development of an electric truck powertrain. The latter would be integrating the formal’s e-propulsion system into the Model 220 EV battery electric vehicles. The thermal management offerings would also be enhanced. Around the same time, the same Dana started designing e-powertrain systems for Kenworth’s K270E battery electric vehicles. It also made way for an e-power system comprising electrified auxiliary systems, two battery packs, and an onboard charger.

The Way Further

The global automotive heat shield market is all set to exponentially climb the ladder of innovation in the next 10 years – Persistence Market Research

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