Automotive eCommerce Solutions Platform X-Cart Rolls Out Updated Features Ahead of SEMA 2023

X-Cart Automotive eCommerce

Across many industries, eCommerce platforms have become the backbone of businesses. In the realm of automotive aftermarket parts, X-Cart positions itself as an advanced platform catering to the unique complexities of the sector. With its specialized tools, seamless integrations and customized solutions, the company looks to redefine how auto parts are sold online. It is rolling out more new features to both help offline businesses grow online and provide a viable alternative to middle-sized online companies with flexible solutions and personified support and customer care.

A Solution Tailored for Aftermarket Parts Stores

With many industry-specific tools and custom solutions, X-Cart empowers auto parts eCommerce businesses to streamline their operations, elevate customer experience and automate processes – to quickly import product data from aftermarket data providers.  

For those venturing into online auto parts sales, X-Cart’s 20+ years of experience in providing solutions in partnership with top players, such as SEMA Data, ASAP Network and Autosync, ensure a robust foundation for an online store. The team’s expertise and experience is one of the top advantages that X-Cart has over competition.

Transition for Offline Businesses

For offline auto parts business owners eyeing online expansion, X-Cart has developed a turnkey solution. By effortlessly integrating eCommerce processes into existing business flow, X-Cart allows many businesses, both big and small, to tap into a broader market and new revenue streams. Customers who have experienced the platform first-hand, praise its versatility, top-notch customer support and high level of customization. Offline businesses benefit from X-Cart’s credibility, standardized catalogs, ACES/ PIES compliance, and enhanced import performance. Those businesses that are already online often have complex infrastructure and require custom solutions that X-Cart offers.      

Elevating Online Sellers

As pointed out by both the project’s team and customers, existing online auto parts sellers can elevate their businesses with X-Cart’s industry-specific functionalities and integrations. Here is a quick overview of some core features, many of which have been recently updated and enhanced: 

Massive Auto Parts Catalogs: X-Cart facilitates the import of auto parts data from major aftermarket providers like SEMA Data and ASAP. ACES and PIES compliance is easily achieved, allowing you to export vast SKUs regardless of data size and format.

Industry-Specific User Experience: X-Cart offers features like CloudSearch and Filters engine, Real-time compatibility check, Year/Make/Model functionality, VIN lookup, and the innovative AutoSync visualizer.

API-Driven Technology: With access to API-driven technology and comprehensive documentation, X-Cart simplifies development processes and reduces costs, ensuring a technologically sound foundation for your online auto parts business.

X-Cart doesn’t just enable transactions; it fosters customer-centric experiences, the team underscores. Highly customizable automotive themes cater to diverse screen sizes, while the Year/Make/Model search functionality enhances user navigation and ease of use. Dark mode, real-time search, and customizable checkout options further enrich the customer journey.

Additionally, X-Cart positions itself as not just a platform, but “a partner.” With personalized support and a treasure trove of resources, businesses can harness the platform’s full potential while receiving assistance tailored to their unique needs.

SEMA DATA Integration

Earlier this year, X-Cart announced its partnership with SEMA, which began with the integration with SEMA Data – the most comprehensive aftermarket product data resource with millions of listed parts and accessories.

The partnership allows customers to find a perfect fit for vehicles by browsing through SEMA’s “data central” catalog that has data from hundreds of brands. Features include time-saving automation through API integrations, product data validation through SEMA approved members-only data access, fitment validation check on every product page and the Garage feature where customers can save vehicle profiles, among others.    

What sets X-Cart apart as the prime eCommerce platform for auto parts stores is that it represents the fusion of features meticulously designed for the automotive industry’s most detail-focused professionals. Compatibility checkers, VIN decoders and product customization options create a satisfying online buying journey that keeps customers coming back, fostering loyalty and growth.

Automotive eCommerce demands precision, agility, and user-centricity, and X-Cart emerges as the reliable companion that drives business forward. With its tools, integrations and unwavering support, the company is taking the automotive aftermarket to the next level while rewriting the rules of success in the automotive eCommerce landscape.

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